Monday, July 28, 2008

A few pics of me at SDCC

So Comic Con has come and gone, so sad I know. I didn't get to meet anyone famous face to face but I sure saw a bunch of them and was in the same room with a bunch of them. Breanne will be putting up the panel pictures on the family blog here soon so for now here are the pictures of me and some. . . . .well things. This is a life size cylon at the Diamond Select booth and his little red eye really glowed and moved back and forth.
Here is me and Anakin's new apprecntice Ahsoka from from the new Clone Wars movie.
Here is me and Iron Man at the Hasbro booth.
Here is me and Iron Monger at the Marvel booth.
Then me and his corpulence Jabba the Hutt. Too bad I wasn't there when they took the group slave Leia photo!
Next we have out fron of the Mattel booth a large statue of King Grayskull (just wait be patient and you will see him in his figure goodness)
Then this here is the front of the Mattel booth which was Castle Grayskull, very very very very very cool!

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