Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lego mania!

So I obviously spent a good amount of time with Legos the last few days and so here are the three awesome lego sets that I got at SDCC (not that they were exclusive to the convention but I wanted to buy them at the Lego booth there) First we have the Republic Attack Gunship which is a set they did a few years ago that I never got and wished that I had so I was very excited to get this frakkin awesome set. If you look close you can see Asajj Ventress on the top of the ship.
Here is the side view of it with the great custom paint job sticker of a Kowakian Monkey Lizard and then the sides open to reveal Commander Cody, Obi Wan and Plo Koon.
Then this set was the one I was most excited about. It is the V-19 Torrent which was first introduced in the Clone Wars cartoon. The action on this set when you move the wings is unique from anything else I have and it is so very cool.
Here it is landed.
Then here we have the Twilight which is Anakin's ship from the upcoming Clone Wars movie. It is a boxy ship but very cool nonetheless. It came with Anakin, Ahsoka his apprentice, and Rota the Hutt. (Which is very reminiscent of Slimer)
Here it is in attack mode.
Then I also picked up this GI Joe set today at Walmart that has Breaker and the Ram Cycle and Tele Viper and the flight pod. I had the motorcycle as a kid so this was a nostalgic toy to open and play with. I didn't have the flight pod but it is cool too.

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