Monday, August 4, 2008


So we went to Boise this weekend for my nephew Spencer's baptism and while we were there we went to the Walmart so that my wife could pick up the new Breaking Dawn book. At the Walmart I found the last of this first The Legacy Collection (TLC) wave that I wanted the Ewoks Leektar and Nippet. This was also a first day of issue figure meaning, I beleive, that this figure was made in the first production run of the figures and was meant to be on the shelves for the midnight premier of these toys.
Also at the Walmart I got that Darth Vader stackable keychain you see here simply because it is Vader so I could add him to my collection. The Galactic Heroes you see here were purcahsed last Thursday at TRU but I didn't get to post them before I went out of town. Here we have Shaak Tii and a Magna Guard.
Then we have Captain Jag and Plo Koon. There are a bunch more really cool GH figures coming out soon that I got to see at SDCC, I am really excited for the Jedi Starfighter vehicle and the set with a RANCOR! Great stuff!

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