Wednesday, August 20, 2008

May the Force Be With You!

First I have to mention so that you can go look, Xander has been begging me to take pictures of his Disney Cars Toys for a long time since he sees me taking pictures of my toys so I decided to take pictures and make some slide shows so those are now on the sidebar so go check them out! Here we have the McDonalds Yoda toy bobble head on a republic gunship and he says "May the Force be with you." My wonderful loving wife went and got us McDonalds for dinner on Monday just so that she could get this for me! She loves me so much and I love her!
Here we have one of the many new upcoming Galactic Heroes diorama sets (I had to pick between four different ones at TRU what a difficult decision) This set has for the first time a Dewback, a new Luke, A new molded sandtrooper, and then another trooper, a Chewbacca, and a Han. These little toys can be frustrating with these big sets because half of the figures you get in the set are ones you already have so that sucks.

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