Friday, August 8, 2008

"This war is forcing us all to become razors. . ."

I love coming home from work and having something that was ordered online waiting here for me. Today it was the Razor five pack with a Cylon Pilot and Warrior, Kendra Shaw, Gina Inviere (her hair piece is great) and then William "Husker" Adama. I am so sad that there isn't any more BSG mates announced because I love these minimates and we still have so many characters that we need, not the least of which is ANDERS! I hope that minimates live forever because I love them!
Then we have some more new Galactic heroes. Today it is Jar Jar Binks and a Destroyer Droid. I can't beleive they have been doing these for so long and we just now getting a Destroyer Droid!

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