Saturday, August 16, 2008

Resistance is Futile.

Star Trek Minimates just got a heck of a lot cooler with the addition of the first TNG (that's The Next Generation to you uneducated masses) minimates. We have Captain Picard and Borg Drone. The BOrg has some incredible pieces on him. I just hope we get the rest of the TNG crew cause I love old ST too but I gotta have me a Riker, Laforge, Data, Crusher, Troi and Worf!
Then this wave also came with and Admiral Kirk, a duty uniform Scotty and the variant for the wave is dress uniform Scotty. (In my opinion the variant should have Locutus of Borg)
Then the other pack in this wave is sick bay Mccoy and Nurse Chapel who as you all should know (my wife actually told me) was played by Majel Barrett who was Gene Rodenberry's wife and would later be the voice of the computer on TNG as well as Troi's mother Lwaxana..
Last but certainly not least is a sort of holy grail for me. Here we have the very elusive Martian Manhunter from the C3 Javelin set. This was acquired in a trade with a minimatemultiverse forum staff member Shanster. I traded my For a Few Dollars More set (which you may notice is not pictured in a post on the blog anymore. . . . . . if you read my blog enough to have noticed that without reading this than I will give you five buck!) This was the most difficult to acquire pieces on my want list so now that I have him I am just so very excited. He is missing his extra headpiece but I don't find myself caring since he can only wear one of his two headpieces at a time! Now on to the next grail. . .tactical Batman from the C3 batcopter set.

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