Monday, December 20, 2010


So one of my top favorite MOTU figures as a kid has now been reincarnated in the classics line. Here you have Buzz-Off! This is of course a great looking figure and you can read his bio below. Man I can't wait to have a good shelf to put these on which will give me the excuse I am waiting for to open them all!

Here we have the first Disney store exclusive Marvel Minimate pack of the Classic Heroic age which contains Thor, Spiderman, Iron Man, and Captain America. Yes these are all characters we have plenty of already but this set is a great looking one and I especially like the Thor.
Then here we have an undead Geonosian from an episode of TCW. I had to get this one as it combines two things I really like, Star Wars and Zombies!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm gonna snipe you!

So originally Tokyo Mater was only released as a SDCC exlusive but they made a version with oil stains for mass retail so I had to pick him up to go with all my other Cars from that toon.
So when Halo minimates were announced I decided that I would buy a single 2 pack and call it good cause I don't want a whole other line to collect and become a completist with. I am still not going to collect to the whole line but when these showed up at TRU this week I saw this short packed pack with a UNSC Marine and the Camo Spartan and I really wanted to the Camo Spartan so I snagged it. Oh and I took the picture of them in front of the new Tron Legacy Soundtrack which I also got this week and it is incredible!!!
Then this is the pack I had previously decided I was going to buy as it has Master Chief and the Arbiter who is quite the unique and cool minimate. He has a new head design and flipped back legs and the cool weapon he comes with (sorry all you Halo fans I don't know the specific names) is awesome looking.
Then I saw the M12 Warthog LRV mini vehicle and it looked so amazing I had to snag it as well and it comes with a Spartan. This mini vehicle is by far the coolest looking one they have made so far.
Here's a bunch og guys ready to cruise the town.