Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mutt but not Mutt Williams

I have been waiting for this next wave Joes for quite some time now and so when I went to Walmart I was excited but at the same time I was frustrated. This was the only figure from the new wave that they had which was frustrating but this was the figure I wanted most from the wave so I was excited. This here Mutt and Junkyard (and Junkyard is the dog not the guy). This was the first GI Joe that was handed down to me when I was kid so this one holds a special place in my heart.
Here is my original Junkyard dog that I still have I loved this guy. He was the guy I always had driving my Vamp jeep (the guy not the dog). So WAHOO!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thrust of Iron

Normally if something new Iron Man comes out I am all over it! I love these Super Hero Squad guys and they made two four packs of guys right when the toys first came out earlier this year. I got those. Then they were dumb and they made two more four packs but all of the figures in it were just repaints of firgures we already had so I couldn't bring myself to buy them even thought the were "new" they were just repaints. Then they released two more four packs and here is one of them which is based on the movie so it has Mark I, Mark III, War Machine, and Iron Monger. The other set has the figures I wanted more in a classic Iron Man and Stealth Iron Man but then it comes with two villains that I don't want so I just couldn't bring myself to buy it. So bring Billy to the rescue he actually found this movie set for me and put it aside and he bought the other set for himself and doesn't care about the classic Iron Man and so he said he would give it to me so WAHOO! So I will post a pic of that when I get it.

Then here we have a Robot Heroes set that I absolutely had to buy. It has Blaster and Thrust. I had to buy Blaster since I love Soundwave and Blaster is the Autobot version of Soundwave. I wish I had more Blaster stuff but this is a great first addition of Blaster to my collection and as for Thrust. . . . .
When I was a kid my parents one Christmas got me and my brothers each a Seeker (that is a Transformer Jet) for Christmas. Ben got Dirge, Morri got Skywarp, and I got Thrust. Since I don't have the originals anymore I bought the classic re-issues of Dirge and Skywarp but they didn't do one of Thrust so anytime I find something of Thrust I have to buy him because he was mine as a kid so here you see a Myclone Thrust, the World's Smallest Thrust (Which is super super awesome) and then the new Robot Heroes Thrust. So the packaging of those two characters together worked out great for me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


At Kmart the other day looking for an exclusive Car for Xander I noticed a sign that said their 3.75" SW figures were 4.99 which is 2-3 dollars off normal price of other stores currently so I looked through their pitifully small selection and came across Captain Rex who I have wanted since seeing the Clone Wars movie in August but just never could bring myself to getting him. Now, though, with the figure being on sale and being in the middle of reading the novelization of said movie (which includes a whole lot of Rex's perspective) I couldn't pass him up so here he is.
Then today I came across for the first time Commander Cody and just couldn't resist getting him since I just got Rex.
This figure I got last week and just haven't posted for him yet. This is an Imperial Engineer and says it is from the game Battlefront II but having never played that game I don't know what makes this figure different from what we see int he movie. Oh well I got him anyway.
Then here we have part 1 of the Rebel Pilot Legacy set that I got part 2 of several weeks ago. I got part 2 first because it had cooler looking figures in it and this part 1 set is very similar to a POTF rebel pilots set I got 10 years ago (That set was Wedge Antilles, Arvel Crynyd and Ten Numb). So you have Dorovio Bold who is an X-Wing pilot, Wes Janson a snowspeeder pilot, and Ten Numb a B-wing pilot. I love the pilots so I couldn't pass this set up. There is another set I am debating about that has imperial pilot Biggs Darklighter in it but the other two figures are clone pilots that I don't care about so I dunno!

Monday, October 13, 2008

MINIMANIA (and I told you so)

I have been dying to get this wave since it was announced at the Toy Fair in February so to get my package full of minimates today was awesome. This wave of minimates (wave 21) will have to go on the top of my list as my favorite wave simply because it is all based from the Iron Man movie. So here we have the Mark 3 armor (which has a removable face plate so you can see Tony's face inside) and Pepper Potts.
Here we have Tony Stark and the Iron Monger.
Then here we have Jim Rhodes and the Tony Stark here is the captivity Tony but this minimate actually comes in the package in the Mark 1 armor but you can take him out and this is how he is and since I get two Mark 1s in this wave (because one comes with the variant) I will be displaying one of them like this here.
Then here we have the Mark 1 and the variant for this wave the Mark 2 which just looks amazing! This wave of minimates simply makes me jump for joy inside. What makes me even happier is the fact that Marvel minimates are not showing any sign of slowing down they have plenty of announced stuff to come out so keep it comin'!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then I had to get this movie based set of Platoon because these little soldier are just awesome. I actually ordered the set before renting and watching the movie and although the movie wasn't anything to get excited about it was ok and I still had to have this set here. The package doesn't specify which name goes to which guy but I do know that Pvt. Chris Taylor (which is Charlie Sheen) is second from the left. You also have Sgt. Bob Barnes which I think is Willem Dafoe (on the right) Sgt Elias Grodin (which I think is the guy third from the left) and then Pvt "Gator" Lerner (on the left) The great thing about these guys is that thier helmets go over their hairpiece where most minimates you have to take off the hair to put on any sort of hat or helmet so that was a good idea and the figures still look good.
Here is Marvel wave 22 from the movie the Incredible Hulk which was. . . .incredible when I compare what I expected the movie to be and what I felt after seeing it. It was a great movie so even thought I think this Hulk minimate looks a little lackluster they are new minimates so I am excited. This here is Bruce Banner and the Hulk.
Here we have a great Emil Blonsky with his night vision goggles and then you have what he becomes aka the Abomination wihich is a good looking minimates however the figures that are supposed to be bigger have this crazy duck feet on them that are kind of dumb but oh well they do give you normal feet in the package so you can replace them if you don't like them so I can't really complain!
Then here we have battle damaged Hulk Betty Ross and here father the variant from this wave General Ross.
Then here it is, I told you so. In the last post I told you I would be getting this set and here it is Leia and Tobbi Dala to go with the comic 2 pack of Dengar and Fenn Shysa. Had to get me the Mandalorian!

Friday, October 10, 2008


This here figure of Iron Man with removable armor was actually purchased about 4 months ago one day on my lunch at work and I have kept him in my drawer at work so I could play around with him during the many moments of boredom at work. Well my drawer is full of many other toys so I finally decided today to bring him home and let him join all my other Iron Mans on the shelf since he is not a duplicate toy (which is what everything else in my drawer at work is) So here is Iron Man with some removable parts. The chest plate can come off also but I for some reason cannot get it to pop off and so I just left it for this picture for fear of breaking something.
Then here is a Comic 2 pack of Dengar and Fenn Shysha. I had to get this set because despite the fact that I am unfamiliar with this particular comic story (I am sure I will remedy that at some point in the near future) this set has a Mandalorian (Fenn) in it so I had to snag it. Its sister set has Leia and another Mandalorian so I will be getting that set soon too.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rise of the Silver Surfer

I love Mighty Muggs I think they are a great collectible, that said I normally would not have purcahsed this Galactus one but then I saw a picture on the minimate forum and knew that I had to have this one since the Maximate Galactus is something that I would never get.
This is what that picture I saw was like (only this is my version of it) I liked the movie Rise of the Silver Surfer in every way except how they protrayed Galactus as an intergalactic cloud. It would have been so much better to have him look just like his comic version and have a scene similar to this GO FF!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jodo, Draco, Tano

It has been a good couple of days as I have found several new SW figures from my list (which has toys on it that I know I have to get and I really only put ones on the list that I just gotta have and that way my list forces me to not just buy a bunch of toys that I haven't really thought about and decided that I want). First I found Jodo Kast who in some comic books went around impersonating Boba Fett (bad idea dude).
Then here we have a comic 2 pack from the Legacy series and it is two Imperial Knights, yep because way in the future the Empire has its own Jedi! This here is Antares Draco with the brown hair and Ganner Krieg with the red hair. I love their armor and all their lightsabers are clear.
Then from the Clone Wars we have Anakin's padawan Ahsoka Tano andshe came with a Rotta the Huttlet. This series starts on Fridya at CN so you all better be watching becasue it will be awesome! The previous two pictures you can see are opened figures and that is because they had to go on my characters with lightsabers shelf!