Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jodo, Draco, Tano

It has been a good couple of days as I have found several new SW figures from my list (which has toys on it that I know I have to get and I really only put ones on the list that I just gotta have and that way my list forces me to not just buy a bunch of toys that I haven't really thought about and decided that I want). First I found Jodo Kast who in some comic books went around impersonating Boba Fett (bad idea dude).
Then here we have a comic 2 pack from the Legacy series and it is two Imperial Knights, yep because way in the future the Empire has its own Jedi! This here is Antares Draco with the brown hair and Ganner Krieg with the red hair. I love their armor and all their lightsabers are clear.
Then from the Clone Wars we have Anakin's padawan Ahsoka Tano andshe came with a Rotta the Huttlet. This series starts on Fridya at CN so you all better be watching becasue it will be awesome! The previous two pictures you can see are opened figures and that is because they had to go on my characters with lightsabers shelf!

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J.R. and Lana said...

Pat my friend dressed up as her for Halloween. go to my blog and look at Kathy and Todd and you will see her. Pretty cool!