Wednesday, October 22, 2008


At Kmart the other day looking for an exclusive Car for Xander I noticed a sign that said their 3.75" SW figures were 4.99 which is 2-3 dollars off normal price of other stores currently so I looked through their pitifully small selection and came across Captain Rex who I have wanted since seeing the Clone Wars movie in August but just never could bring myself to getting him. Now, though, with the figure being on sale and being in the middle of reading the novelization of said movie (which includes a whole lot of Rex's perspective) I couldn't pass him up so here he is.
Then today I came across for the first time Commander Cody and just couldn't resist getting him since I just got Rex.
This figure I got last week and just haven't posted for him yet. This is an Imperial Engineer and says it is from the game Battlefront II but having never played that game I don't know what makes this figure different from what we see int he movie. Oh well I got him anyway.
Then here we have part 1 of the Rebel Pilot Legacy set that I got part 2 of several weeks ago. I got part 2 first because it had cooler looking figures in it and this part 1 set is very similar to a POTF rebel pilots set I got 10 years ago (That set was Wedge Antilles, Arvel Crynyd and Ten Numb). So you have Dorovio Bold who is an X-Wing pilot, Wes Janson a snowspeeder pilot, and Ten Numb a B-wing pilot. I love the pilots so I couldn't pass this set up. There is another set I am debating about that has imperial pilot Biggs Darklighter in it but the other two figures are clone pilots that I don't care about so I dunno!

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