Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MOTU Sub 2011

So this month is subscription month for MOTU meaning we got the sub exclusive product with the monthly figure. So this year's sub figure is Preternia Disguise He-Man which is based on a mini comic from back in the day and you can read about it in the bio below about why he is dressed up like that. The best thing is that he comes with the Cosmic Key which is from the live action movie.

This is the monthly figure Bow from POP. Of course the bio is belwo and these figures and hands down amazing like all the others in this line. This month I also got an oversized figure of a Shadow Beast which I had to get because of the sub but I didn't really want to spend 30$ on a giant unicorn gorilla soI will try to sell it. I don't know why the bio pic doesn't appear correctly sorry I tried to fix it but it won't.

Also with the sub is a map of Etheria and the info about it is below. Once again I tried to rotate it but it would not work. So the map and Preternia He-man were only available to those who got the subscription so I like getting exclusive stuff like that.

And then like I said before that we celebrate my bday and my wife's between the two and we did that on Sunday and my sister in law made this Tron cake for me. Very cool! Thanks Karri!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday continued

Ok so since my birthday is at the beginning of February and my wife's is two weeks later we usually celebrate both our brithdays together somewhere in the middle. So My sister in law gave me this SW Vinylmation Darth Vader, very cool!
Then I couldn't pass up this new lego set as first of all it is cool but second it has a Luminara Unduli minifig so hooray. Today pics from Toy Fair 2011 have started to surface so great new MOTU stuff coming including Man-E-Faces, the Faceless One, and Clawful. New Legos including sets with Quinlan Vos and Eeth Koth among others. Not much minimate news so far but I am sure we will see some good stuff. They did announce they will be doing Marvel Vs Capcom minimates which means we can get a Megaman and a Zero!!!!! Oh good times I love new toys news.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

TRU wave 9 please

So my TRU didn't get wave 9 in so I ended up buying them on eBay which sucks but my happiness on receiving them today made up for it. Here we have one of my favorite characters from when I was a kid and would play as super heroes with friends, Shatterstar. I love his two bladed swords. He came with Cannonball who has a great exploding base.
Then you have Magik with a cool bampf base and then Warlock in all his wierdness.
Then you have a dark Magneto and Brown Wolverine. These ones are great too. Man I needed these new minimates as it has been an incredibly long two weeks since I started a new job new toys eases the craziness a bit. Oh yeah and this makes 950 minimates!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Its my Birthday

Well I didn't get these toys on my birthday but today is my birthday so what better way to celebrate then to post about some toys! I had some TRU rewards dollars that were going to expire so I picked up this TF animated Snarl on clearance since I really like the Grimlock that I got. He is ok in his robot form here but. . . . .
His Triceratops form is great!
Then I decided to pick up the Eternian Palace Guard set from mattycollector.com and it came the other day and I have been dying to open up some of the MOTU classics figure so I figured I would start with these guys and they are AMAZING!!!!!!
They come with two other interchangeable heads so you can have a bunch of different guards. The white guy human head on the figure above left is based on Scott Nietlich who is a Mattel guy who I have met several times at SDCC.
And here is the bio clipped from the box (I love clipping bios for some reason I am just wierd).