Saturday, February 5, 2011

Its my Birthday

Well I didn't get these toys on my birthday but today is my birthday so what better way to celebrate then to post about some toys! I had some TRU rewards dollars that were going to expire so I picked up this TF animated Snarl on clearance since I really like the Grimlock that I got. He is ok in his robot form here but. . . . .
His Triceratops form is great!
Then I decided to pick up the Eternian Palace Guard set from and it came the other day and I have been dying to open up some of the MOTU classics figure so I figured I would start with these guys and they are AMAZING!!!!!!
They come with two other interchangeable heads so you can have a bunch of different guards. The white guy human head on the figure above left is based on Scott Nietlich who is a Mattel guy who I have met several times at SDCC.
And here is the bio clipped from the box (I love clipping bios for some reason I am just wierd).

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