Tuesday, January 18, 2011

He-man of the North

So the classic style Transfomers are great just like MOTUC because they take the classic look of characters and put them in a modern toy with great look and poseability. This set called Reveal the Shield is a two pack with Rodimus and Cyclonus from the TF movie and it even came with a die cast Matrix of Leadership. Here they are in their vehicle modes. I don't understand why blogger can't make my picture appear horizontal even though it is that way on my computer!
Here is Rodimus.
And here is Cyclonus who was Skywarp but was transformed by Unicron. So since I have all those other seekers and they are making a Thundercracker and I missed getting the Skywarp they did a few years ago (hopefully they reissue it) I think this fits in nicely with my other classic style guys.
Here we have this year's subscription's first MOTU figure. This is Vikor He-man of the North. He was the first one to protect the sword of He after King Grayskull died. This figure is based on the original concept art of He-man. You can read his bio and see the original concept picture with the bio below.

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