Sunday, October 30, 2011

I need to pay more attention.

So I just got a Savage Opress and complained that he didn't have a lightsaber. Well I found the second version of him that does come with the lightsaber. I guess I need to pay more attention to upcoming SW figures!
I also found this CW Even Piel figure. The other version I have of him is from my Jedi Council set so he doesn't have a lightsaber. This version is cooler.
My TRU had the first wave of the Marvel Vs Capcom 3 sets and I was oh so excited especially for this one. We have Magneto and the normal version of ZERO!!!!!
We also have Deadpool (care) and Dante (don't care).
And last we have Arthur (from Ghouls and Ghosts) and Iron Man with his big A gamma gun!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Vampires and Zombies

So I got a few new minimate sets and was excited to finally be getting some new minimates (Marvel minimates). This is called Curse of the Mutants and it was a story line involving vampires so we have Blade (of course) Dracula, Zombie Wolverine and Zombie Jubilee. I am glad to get another Blade and I like the look of this Wolverine.
This set is great because I love Deadpool. This was Action Figure Expresses NYCC exclusive set of the Deadpool Corps. Deadpool goes to other dimensions to recruit his counterparts to help him. From left to right we have Championpool, Kidpool, Headpool (the zombie head of deadpool from the Zombie universe) Deadpool, and Lady Deadpool. I love this set.


So the mail away exclusive this year for SW is this figure of the prototype armor of Boba Fett. So the first armor they made up for this character was more like a stormtrooper. We are all glad of course that they changed it to what it is but this is still a great exclusive figure. Even better was that I got a redemption form from Hasbros website and didn't have to buy a figure to get the form (they later changed that and made the online form unusable) they also didn't have assortment requirements for the proofs of purchase to send in so I used a bunch of old ones I had even as far back as 2005! Happy day.
Here we have Savage Opress from The Clone Wars. This is a great looking figure to pit against some of my jedi but I was disappointed that he did not come with a lightsaber of any kind.
This month's MOTUC figure is not my favorite but still cool. This character is from the New Adventures of He-man or as I like to call it He-man in space. In the show this character is called Flipshot but Nerf owns that name so Mattel calls him Icarius. You can read his bio below.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

These are the REAL Ghostbusters

TRU continues making minimates for the REAL Ghostbusters cartoon from when I was a kid. This wave two includes Winston Zedmore and Peter Venkman. I love the wavy hair on Venkman!
Then we have Stay Puft and Louis Tully.
My favorite of them all is the Logo Ghost with a saw trying to cut his way out of the sign. He has an alternate head with a happy face to put on him once he has escaped. You also have Killerwatt ghost.
Then last we have Evil Slimer and the Sandman. Sandman isn't my favorite but these minimates are REALly great!