Friday, October 21, 2011

Vampires and Zombies

So I got a few new minimate sets and was excited to finally be getting some new minimates (Marvel minimates). This is called Curse of the Mutants and it was a story line involving vampires so we have Blade (of course) Dracula, Zombie Wolverine and Zombie Jubilee. I am glad to get another Blade and I like the look of this Wolverine.
This set is great because I love Deadpool. This was Action Figure Expresses NYCC exclusive set of the Deadpool Corps. Deadpool goes to other dimensions to recruit his counterparts to help him. From left to right we have Championpool, Kidpool, Headpool (the zombie head of deadpool from the Zombie universe) Deadpool, and Lady Deadpool. I love this set.

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