Thursday, April 19, 2012

Punch you out!

Lego minifigures series 7 came out and the first one I picked up to feel the blind package was the one I wanted, Aztec warrior.
This month MOTUC should have been Stinkor but we have to wait till May for that so this month we get Thunder Punch He-Man. Although he doesn't actually take caps to make his thunder punch work he does come with some coola ccessories like his punch action attachment and like always this figure looks great! Read the bio below.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Even the Avengers need transportation

So when I saw pics of this lego set at Toyfair this year I knew I had to have it. Here we have the Avengers Quinjet (and a little flight thing for Loki and his minion) This lego jet would be cool by itself even if it wasn't associated with the Avengers but it is so it is super cool!
The minifigs int he set are Black Widow, Iron Man, Thor, Loki, and the alien minion soldier of Loki.
Close up
Close up

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It took a while but here it is!

So several years ago at Comic-Con I saw this upcoming Gentle Giant maquette and knew that I had to have it. Well now I finally do! As you can see this animated maquette features most fanboys dream, Slave Leia looking great as always, but that isn't the main reason I wanted this. I wanted it because it combines Slave Leia with. . . .
Salacious Crumb!!!!!!
Backside view. If I had lots and lots of moola I would buy all of the animated maquettes because they are all amazing but for now this and the Roron Corrob that I have will suffice.

Cheap as Free

So on Sunday, my brother in law JD gave me a bag full of vintage transformers from his childhood collection for free because he didn't want them anymore. First THANK YOU JD! Second there are few things in this world I like better than free toys, especially vintage ones! So here you have Sunstreaker
Some random guys that I couldn't find their names,
Topspin (which is one that I actually already have so now I have two)
Trailbreaker (or as I like to call him the black Hoist because I had Hoist as a kid)
Jetfire (which is funny because I used to have this guy until a few weeks ago when I gave it back to Kenny, but this one is much whiter than the last one I had)
and Six Shot who transforms into six different things. Here he is a jet but he also makes a gun, tank, car, two different beasts and then a robot which there is a picture of below.
Six Shot robot mode
Cosmos and Seaspray robot mode
Random dudes, robot mode
Topspin and Trailbreaker robot mode
Overdrive, Sunstreaker, and Camshaft robot mode. Cheap as Free!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Older Brother

I couldn't help but get the other Kotobukiya set of Protoman who is Dr Light's first creation and thus Megaman's older brother. Totally frakkin awesome!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


So they have minimates for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and I picked up a few of the sets. Here we have Super Skrull, I love all his FF pieces! Then you have Crimson Viper from Street Fighter to go with my other SF minimates.
Here we have some that aren't my favorite but are still ok. Viewtiful Joe, Spencer, and Taskmaster (Taskmaster is the one I like the best of these three).
These were my favorites from the TRU packs I picked up. First Appearance Ryu (once again to go with my SF minimates) Then I wanted the Wolverine becaue he came with this cool action stand. Then a cool looking Sentinel!


So I finally got something that I have wanted for a long time (thanks to selling off some older toys) This is the Kotobukiya model kit of Mega Man! He is a snap together model and is super poseable. You can see from the pictures below he has interchangeable hands and he came with an energy canister (I put the E decal on later). This is not only a really cool model it is an action figure of a game that was a big part of my childhood! I am also getting a kit of Protoman next week too so I am super excited about that!