Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cheap as Free

So on Sunday, my brother in law JD gave me a bag full of vintage transformers from his childhood collection for free because he didn't want them anymore. First THANK YOU JD! Second there are few things in this world I like better than free toys, especially vintage ones! So here you have Sunstreaker
Some random guys that I couldn't find their names,
Topspin (which is one that I actually already have so now I have two)
Trailbreaker (or as I like to call him the black Hoist because I had Hoist as a kid)
Jetfire (which is funny because I used to have this guy until a few weeks ago when I gave it back to Kenny, but this one is much whiter than the last one I had)
and Six Shot who transforms into six different things. Here he is a jet but he also makes a gun, tank, car, two different beasts and then a robot which there is a picture of below.
Six Shot robot mode
Cosmos and Seaspray robot mode
Random dudes, robot mode
Topspin and Trailbreaker robot mode
Overdrive, Sunstreaker, and Camshaft robot mode. Cheap as Free!

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