Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mummies and minimates

So they finally released the smaller versions of Bandai's Thundercats classics. I didn't buy the smaller Lion-o because I have the larger SDCC version but I did buy this Mumm-Ra (only to find out there is a larger version of him) :( But this figure still looks great!
Here we have the latest in the minimates with vehicles here we have Michael Knight with KITT! This car looks amazing and you can totally see the Hoff in this minimate!
This is a MVC3 set that I bought because it has a new Marvel figure never made before in Dromammu. It also comes with Trish from Darkstalkers that I am only keeping because she had a really cool sword.
I bought this loose with my recent purchase beccause of DST's new Femme Fatales set this was the one I though looked cool it is Darkchylde.
This is the Age of X set which I bought mostly because it has a Gambit in it but I also like the look of the Magneto. It also has a Rogue and a Cyclops.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


So January's figure was supposed to be the Sorceress but delays with Mattel made them bump this set up so be the only thing we got in January. I guess if I didn't get the one girl figure I wanted then replacing one with three made it ok. Here we have the Star Sisters from She-Ra. We have Jewelstar with her bird Glorybird, then we have Starla and Tallstar. Mara adores these figures and was so impatient for me to open them up so she could play with them. Next month will be awesome because we will get the Sorceress, Shadow Weaver and Fisto! So stay tuned!
Well these next two are actually December 2011's subscription figures but they were delayed and only arrived this week. Here we have Demo-Man who you can read the bio about below but he was merged with Keldor to form Skeletor and this figure is based on original concept art for Skeletor.

Here we have Battleground Evil-Lyn who has an alternate head you can see here without the fan-hat. This figure is based more on the 200x character and thus I like her better than the other one (but I still love the other one too). Read the bio below.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Ok so these pictures are by no means really detailed because I don't have the patience for that right now but there is a small room off of the family room in our new house that my incredibly awesome wife has allowed me to take over for my toy room (although some of this room will be for my wife's sewing machine and the closet is for her craft stuff) so these first two pictures are of the two sides of the room but there are better pictures that will follow so keep reading. Also some of this stuff is displayed outside of this room on my desk unit and on top of the entertainment center.
Here is the other side of the room.

Back to side one we have some shelves with some Cars, BSG titaniums, Aliens Kubricks and Mezitz, Buffy Palz and some Cosbabies.Here you have my GI Joe Sigma 6 and my 25th anniversary and other GI Joes.
This is the window ledge in the room that has my SW Galactic Heroes and then some shelves with my Terminator and GB minimates.
Here we have all the Marvel minimates as well as LOTR. Above that we have random stuff like MASK, Shadow Strikers, Sectaurs, Sky Commanders, Tron, Gremlins and other random stuff.
Here we have all my MOTU Classics figures in my favorite IKEA curio.
Here we have Mighty Muggs and Street Fighter minimates and then Minimate vehicles (BTTF, Speed Racer, and Halo)
This Curio has vintage SW, C3PO and Boba Fett stuff
The bottom of the same curio has random TF and Gobots and then vintage MOTU.
Here we ahve a shelf with all my DC minimates and then BSG minimates too. On top of the curio are some 25th anniversary GI Joe vehicles. The red shelf has my Iron Man, Captain America, Deadpool, and Gambit figures (My 4 favorite Marvel characters) as well as some FF figures. There are also some Lego snowspeeders there too.
This case has my 200x MOTU figures as well as the classics Lion-o figure from SDCC this year.
The top of this same case has my loose SW collection of characters with lightsabers, pilots, Mandalorians, and Clone troopers.This other corner of the room has some shelves with random things like Gundam and other robots, Stikfas, Xevoz, NBC, Stark Trek stuff, and much more.
Out of the room on top of the entertainment center is some of my SW legos.
Next to that are my MOTU stactions.
Over on my desk set you have more SW legos, my Masterpieces and commerative series transformers along with some other random TFs (like all my seekers)
The other side of the desk unit has all my Soundwaves (and Blaster too) some of my Darth Vader collection and my Yoda Collection. There are still some things in boxes that will get displayed at some point but I am not done setting things up but this is the vast majority of things. Hope you enjoyed seeing how awesome I am (or crazy depending on who you talk to!)

Toys since my last post

This was my best find in a long time. I saw this TF Inferno voyager class figure on the shelf at TRU last week and thought to myself that it must be on clearance because it came out several years ago so I scanned it in the price checker and this TF that would normally be like 20-25 dollars rang up at 2$ that's right two dollars!!!! What a great steal for this really cool TF.
Breanne got this for me for Christmas it is the first vehicle in the MOTUC line. The Wind Raider it has a really cool flight display stand and looks great! The other December figures got delayed and they still haven't said when they are shipping and January's is shipping this week! So I guess this month will be good because I will be getting 3 figures!
This here is the most recent purchase that I made today at TRU who finally got the newest wave of exclusive minimates in stock. This is FA Thor and Balder the Brave. I like the Balder becase he matches the characters from a Thor box set I got a while back
This was the other exclusive set from this wave it is Crossbones and a very cool looking Secret War Captain America. This set was the sold out set on so I have been checking the website everyday with no luck so I am glad it showed up in the store so I could use my rewards dollars and a gift card from Christmas.
These next 3 SW comic 2 packs were presents from my mother-in-law for Christmas and have been on my want list for quite sometime. Here we have Montross and Jaster Mereel to be added to all my other Mandalorians.
This is Jarael and Rohland Dyre from KOTOR which I wanted because Dyre is another Mandalorian and I like the Jarael figure a lot.
Lastly from Legacy we have Darth Nihl which I had to get for my characters with lightsabers shelf and he came with Deliah Blue which didn't really matter to me but oh well.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Where have I gone?

For any of you out there who wonder why so long between posts (I am pretty sure this is the biggest gap between posts since I started this blog) let me explain. We have been looking for a house since the spring and finally got into a short sale house. We closed a few days before Christmas and were able to move in on December 27th. So since my last post there has been a lot of packing going on, I also didn't really get any new toys until Christmas day and thos will be posted about soon enough, but really I am just saving the next post for pictures of my new toy room! I am about halfway done setting up and it is going to be EPIC! Can't wait. So for now rest assured that I didn't disappear I just had other larger things going on this last month and a half!