Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mummies and minimates

So they finally released the smaller versions of Bandai's Thundercats classics. I didn't buy the smaller Lion-o because I have the larger SDCC version but I did buy this Mumm-Ra (only to find out there is a larger version of him) :( But this figure still looks great!
Here we have the latest in the minimates with vehicles here we have Michael Knight with KITT! This car looks amazing and you can totally see the Hoff in this minimate!
This is a MVC3 set that I bought because it has a new Marvel figure never made before in Dromammu. It also comes with Trish from Darkstalkers that I am only keeping because she had a really cool sword.
I bought this loose with my recent purchase beccause of DST's new Femme Fatales set this was the one I though looked cool it is Darkchylde.
This is the Age of X set which I bought mostly because it has a Gambit in it but I also like the look of the Magneto. It also has a Rogue and a Cyclops.

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