Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Toys since my last post

This was my best find in a long time. I saw this TF Inferno voyager class figure on the shelf at TRU last week and thought to myself that it must be on clearance because it came out several years ago so I scanned it in the price checker and this TF that would normally be like 20-25 dollars rang up at 2$ that's right two dollars!!!! What a great steal for this really cool TF.
Breanne got this for me for Christmas it is the first vehicle in the MOTUC line. The Wind Raider it has a really cool flight display stand and looks great! The other December figures got delayed and they still haven't said when they are shipping and January's is shipping this week! So I guess this month will be good because I will be getting 3 figures!
This here is the most recent purchase that I made today at TRU who finally got the newest wave of exclusive minimates in stock. This is FA Thor and Balder the Brave. I like the Balder becase he matches the characters from a Thor box set I got a while back
This was the other exclusive set from this wave it is Crossbones and a very cool looking Secret War Captain America. This set was the sold out set on TRU.com so I have been checking the website everyday with no luck so I am glad it showed up in the store so I could use my rewards dollars and a gift card from Christmas.
These next 3 SW comic 2 packs were presents from my mother-in-law for Christmas and have been on my want list for quite sometime. Here we have Montross and Jaster Mereel to be added to all my other Mandalorians.
This is Jarael and Rohland Dyre from KOTOR which I wanted because Dyre is another Mandalorian and I like the Jarael figure a lot.
Lastly from Legacy we have Darth Nihl which I had to get for my characters with lightsabers shelf and he came with Deliah Blue which didn't really matter to me but oh well.

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