Friday, December 28, 2007

Sir Brix a lot

So Breanne and I went to Target today and although the toy isle was decimated they did have two of the new lego sets (and I can look forward to the toy section restock this weekend at Target and hope for some new cool stuff) This here set is a Rebel Skiff. This is a fictional vehicle but anything new lego based on the original trilogy must be mine!
Then we have here an Imperial troop transport, small but very large in coolness.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More Bricks and Transforming tricks!

So today we went to FYE and since it is right next to TRU we had to go in and I went over to the legos so I could check out the Indiana Jones Legos again and to my surprise I found a SW lego set that I didn't know was coming out (this is the second time that has happened if anyone is keeping track). Here we have Anakin's Jedi Starfighter from the NEW Clone Wars series coming out next year. If you look closely the mini figure included here of Anakin is quite cool and unique from other legos with awesome hairpiece. I am so glad to get a starfighter like this because the last one they didn like this was red and I got it for my newphew Carter for his b-day and I cursed myself later for not getting one for myself.
Well as promised (and only a day later) this is masterpiece Starscream in his robot form (also how he came in the box) it only took me 14 minutes to transform him back!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

More Christmas goodness.

Well here we have Masterpiece Starscream that Breanne got for me. He obviously is very difficult and time consuming to transform so I made him into a jet and will admire him that way for a while before I put him into robot form again, at which time I will post another picture of this awesome seeker.
Once again my mother-in-law got some great stuff here. This is wave 6 of the MOTU staction figures and this Jitsu is great looking. I love these staction figures and my only regret with them is that they aren't action figures that I could pose and play with but they look chic-a-la-huit.
Then we have Mosquitor and he even has blood floating around in his eyes what great detail for this evil energy draining insectoid.
Then we have Battle Armor He-Man which is another great figure and mid next year Shopafx is doing an exclusive Faker and Kobra Kahn two pack which I am very excited for as well not to mention the plans to make a MOTU movie!

Christmas Star Wars goodness part 2

So my Mother-in-law hit the jackpot of cool unexpected presents this year. She got me the Star Wars Vault book. Although it isn't a toy it is still awesome enough to put on my blog. Not only was this book written by Steve Sansweet (a picture of whom you can see at the bottom of this page) but it is filled with great info and vintage replicas and some great audio cd content. For example here we have stuff about the Droids and Ewok cartoon with an animation cel on the right side there.
We also have things like a reproduction of this vintage t-shirt iron on (which is shown in style being worn by the characters on the right).
and things about the fans like those who waited in line for the new movies and a badge replica for Steve Sansweet. This is just an inkling of what is inside of thise thing it is huge and jam packed with awesomeness. I don't think I can repel awesomeness of this magnitude! Thanks MOM!

Christmas Star Wars Goodness part 1

Christmas Christmas time is here, time for toys and time for cheer. Thats right kids Christmas is here and presents have been given and opened! Breanne ever attentive to my collecting desires got this Entertainment Earth Exclusive Republic Elite Forces box set (which is actually two sets the second one being in the next photo) This set comes with Omega Squad from the Republic Commando books so even though they are not named here I know that they are Darman, Fi, Atin, and Niner. Then each of these sets comes with some of the Mandalorians that Jango Fett brought with him to Kamino to help train the clone troopers and this set comes with Llats Ward, B'arin Apma, and Rav Bralor.
This is the second set and it comes with two ARC Troopers, two Clone Troopers and then Mij Gilamar, Isabet Reau, and Dred Priest. The only thing I think they should have done differently with these sets is to make the Bantha Skull on opposite side of each box so that when you set them down next to each other it would make the whole skull. The figures though are top of the line sweet and the Mandalorians even have removable helmets.
My wife's Grandma always gets people Hallmark ornaments for Christmas and so obviously she gets me the Star Wars ones and so this year I chose this R2-D2 and Jawa ornament.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Holy Grail

So we went to TRU tonight to exchange something for Xander for Christmas and I was walking past a customer who was scanning a lego set for a price and when I scrutinized what the lego set was I saw it was an Indiana Jones set and so I cruised over to the lego section and lo and behold they had all the Indy sets and so I snagged the one set I had to have (although I wouldn't mind getting them all). This here is the motorcycle chase set from The Last Crusade. The likeness of Sean Connery is great and these sets are great and I can't wait until the lego Indy game comes out next summer.
Then to make the night even better I go over to the SW figures and woohoo I found this McQuarrie Rebel Trooper figure which is the last figure I need for this years waves and also the last figure in the McQ series. YEAH BABY YEAH!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The madness continues

Well my bro in law JD works at FYE and this FYE exclusive two pack has been showing up on my forum for the last week so Tuesday night I told JD about it and he said he would check on it. Yesterday afternoon I got a text saying he had so we cruised on in so I could get this Scarlet Spiderman and Hobgoblin. Now I have to wait till they actually get out on the shelf with the others so I can buy a couple to sell or trade because this is a hot topic for minimate collectors.
While we were ther I spotted this end of day 2 24 minimate two pack and even though I don't plan on getting these minimates if I find them in a store and don't have to pay shipping and at FYE get my 10% off then off course I had to snag it because it is minimates. This here is Jack Bauer and Nina Meyers.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I am BSG

This is an example of how you know your wife loves you. Breanne was searching for BSG stuff and she found this shirt and got it for me and talk about a frakin awesome shirt. It came in the mail today and she gave it to me as an early Christmas gift.
Then here we have the completion of my Street Fighter minimates that I bought on Amazon through This is the variant Lilith and Demitri. I am still bummed though that wave 2 got cancelled becasue I so wanted a Ken, Guile, and Blanka.
Then sine I was already doing an order I saw this Snake Crush Skeletor for $1.99 and I just couldn't pass up a deal like that.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Mini Madness 2

Here we have the second wave of Spiderman 3 miniamtes with unmasked black suite Spidey (my least favorite of the bunch) and Gwen Stacey (the variant for this wave being in this pack with Mary Jane).
Then we have Battle Damaged Spidey and a very cool Sandman.
Then we have Venom and Transformation Spiderman.
Then once again I got some more Street Fighter Player 2 miniamtes on Ebay and we have Demitri and Morrigan. I also ordered the variant Lilith and it should be here tomorrow. Good times noodle salad.

Mini Madness

Well after much delay and date pushbacks we finally have the two waves of Spiderman 3 minimates. I didn't order early enough to get the variants so I will still have to get those but we have here Eddie Brock and Peter Parker (this set has the variant with Transformation Venom)
Then we have Sandman and Black Suited Spiderman.
Here we have red suit Spidey and New Goblin with his little glider.
Then here we have . . . . oh you got me these aren't Spiderman 3 minimates they are the player 2 versions of Ryu and Akuma that I snagged on Ebay.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The kid inside me shouts hooray!

Well once again Twaga pulls through for me and let me know that the Springville Walmart had these exclusive Galactic Heroes sets in so after Breanne and I went to Yamato (my favorite meal of Shrimp Tempura and Chicken Teriaki) and then went to I Am Legend (really good movie) we cruised down to Wallyworld and snagged these two sets. This first one has the Cantina Band with a lights and sound base that plays the Modal Nodes cantina song. Since they already released Figrin D'an this set comes with the four other band members. Then it comes with Baniss Keeg, Momaw Nadon (which is called Hammerhead on the package), Ponda Baba, Luke, and Obi Wan.
This second set here is the Cantina Encounter and it comes with Chewie, two sandtroopers one of which is a commander, Wuher, Snaggletooth (which is just a repaint of an already released one), Greedo, Han, Garindan, and C3PO and R2D2.
Then yesterday actually I got the two TAC figures from wave 8 that I wanted (which only leaves me with ONE more figure to get for the TAC waves this year). Here we have the Clone Trooper from Hawkbat Batallion from the Clone Wars Cartoon.
Lastly we have the Rebel Vanguard Trooper which is also from the EU.

Days like this make me so happy!

Well yesterday the school semester ended so today was the first day of no school and so it had to be a good day. Twaga called me this morning and I didn't get his message so when I saw him at work he told me he stashed a bunch of the Joes I was looking for down at Walmart so on my lunch I raced dow to pick them up. Here we have Snow Job and he is my favorite so far in the 25th anniversary line. He was one of my favs as a kid and this one just looks great.
Then we have Sgt Flash who I also had as a kid and this figure is awesome too.
Then we have a necessary figure of Scarlett. You have to have a hot girl figure to keep all of the male joes in line or atleast to provide a little entertainment.
Then GI joe would not be complete with out their leader Duke.
Last but not least we have this second version of Snake Eyes which is also a must since I love Snake Eyes.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Old School and Playskool

Well I got this a week and half ago from Twaga. He gave me this old school Gobot that he got with an auction for the Puzzler set. This here is Spoons.
Well today we went to TRU and I found this Super Hero Squad set of Gambit and Rogue and since Gambit is one of my favorite four super heroes (Cap America, Iron Man, and Deadpool being the other three) I had to get this one and by extension I love the Rogue character too since the romance between these two has been a mainstay in the X-men world. NOW WE NEED A GAMBIT MINIMATE (hear my prayers oh toy gods).

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Spudpire Strikes back against the Tater Alliance.

So Karri, my awesome sis in law, went to Disneyland this week and she came back with some awesome Star Tours exclusives! I already have Darth Tater, R2 Potatoo, and Spudtrooper and Karri got Xander Spuda Fett for Christmas which goes with these other four she got for me. First we have the Sweet Pototo smuggling Yam Solo.
Next we have Luke Frywalker.
Then we have the beautiful Princess Tater.
And last but not least we have the evil potato blight Darth Mash.

Taking advantage of the powder.

Well Snake Eyes heard that we got a butload of snow here the last two days and he couldn't sit around in the display case anymore. So he and Timber went out side to survey the vast white landscape and. . . . . .
start slicing up the mountain side.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Defending my minimates.

Oh how I love getting new minimates. This particular set was announced at comic-con this year and if I had ordered then I would have gotten 15% off, but I didn't, then I got a 10% off coupon from Diamond Select but their website still doesn't have them in stock and they have been out for 3 weeks now so I couldn't keep myself from them so I ordered this set along with some two packs coming out in a few weeks. So here we have Dr Strange, Hulk (the only fig in the set I wish was different) Valkyrie, and Namor. Minimates are even better when you get a bunch of new characters so this set here hit the spot.
Here we have R4-I9 which I wasn't going to get because I thought I already had it but after going through my figures I have a black round dome droid which is R2-Q5 and then a white droid like this one that is R4-M9 so this is a different droid and hence necessary to my collection. (necessary being a relative term)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

More Joes anyone?

Well this will be the last of the dark pictures as we just got a new camera but I went to walmart today and found some new 25th Anniversary Joes that were on my list and one that wasn't but was cool enough that I bought it. Here we have a different version of Cobra Commander which is one of those characters that I have to get every version of.
The collection would not be complete without a Destro*
*The collection won't ever be complete as I am not getting every single figure but when I say complete I mean to the specifics of my wishlist.
This is the better known version of Storm Shadow although the one I had as a kid was the one from wave 1 (that you can conveniently reference a picture of here on my blog)
Then although I didn't have this version of Gung Ho when I was a kid the version I did have was one of my favs and so I had to add a Gung Ho. (Another cool version is the one in his Marine outfit that I actually got a vintage one of for my brother who is a Marine).
Then this figure was too cool to pass up. It is Cobra Air Trooper it looks cool and also I will be getting Sgt Flash from an upcoming wave and as a kid I always played with Sgt Flash with a rocket pack so this will compliment that figure.