Friday, December 14, 2007

Days like this make me so happy!

Well yesterday the school semester ended so today was the first day of no school and so it had to be a good day. Twaga called me this morning and I didn't get his message so when I saw him at work he told me he stashed a bunch of the Joes I was looking for down at Walmart so on my lunch I raced dow to pick them up. Here we have Snow Job and he is my favorite so far in the 25th anniversary line. He was one of my favs as a kid and this one just looks great.
Then we have Sgt Flash who I also had as a kid and this figure is awesome too.
Then we have a necessary figure of Scarlett. You have to have a hot girl figure to keep all of the male joes in line or atleast to provide a little entertainment.
Then GI joe would not be complete with out their leader Duke.
Last but not least we have this second version of Snake Eyes which is also a must since I love Snake Eyes.

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