Friday, December 7, 2007

Defending my minimates.

Oh how I love getting new minimates. This particular set was announced at comic-con this year and if I had ordered then I would have gotten 15% off, but I didn't, then I got a 10% off coupon from Diamond Select but their website still doesn't have them in stock and they have been out for 3 weeks now so I couldn't keep myself from them so I ordered this set along with some two packs coming out in a few weeks. So here we have Dr Strange, Hulk (the only fig in the set I wish was different) Valkyrie, and Namor. Minimates are even better when you get a bunch of new characters so this set here hit the spot.
Here we have R4-I9 which I wasn't going to get because I thought I already had it but after going through my figures I have a black round dome droid which is R2-Q5 and then a white droid like this one that is R4-M9 so this is a different droid and hence necessary to my collection. (necessary being a relative term)


J.Ammon said...

Why am I not surprised to find you have a toy blog? Thanks to our time together as comps, I indulge in toys again... mainly Transformers and Legos, but also the occasional Star Wars and GI Joe. Anyways, your depth of knowledge of toys never fails to amaze me.

Krystal said...

I love that you have a toy blog, that's awesome!! You're on my list of people I want to be like now. :)