Friday, December 21, 2007

The Holy Grail

So we went to TRU tonight to exchange something for Xander for Christmas and I was walking past a customer who was scanning a lego set for a price and when I scrutinized what the lego set was I saw it was an Indiana Jones set and so I cruised over to the lego section and lo and behold they had all the Indy sets and so I snagged the one set I had to have (although I wouldn't mind getting them all). This here is the motorcycle chase set from The Last Crusade. The likeness of Sean Connery is great and these sets are great and I can't wait until the lego Indy game comes out next summer.
Then to make the night even better I go over to the SW figures and woohoo I found this McQuarrie Rebel Trooper figure which is the last figure I need for this years waves and also the last figure in the McQ series. YEAH BABY YEAH!

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