Tuesday, December 25, 2007

More Christmas goodness.

Well here we have Masterpiece Starscream that Breanne got for me. He obviously is very difficult and time consuming to transform so I made him into a jet and will admire him that way for a while before I put him into robot form again, at which time I will post another picture of this awesome seeker.
Once again my mother-in-law got some great stuff here. This is wave 6 of the MOTU staction figures and this Jitsu is great looking. I love these staction figures and my only regret with them is that they aren't action figures that I could pose and play with but they look chic-a-la-huit.
Then we have Mosquitor and he even has blood floating around in his eyes what great detail for this evil energy draining insectoid.
Then we have Battle Armor He-Man which is another great figure and mid next year Shopafx is doing an exclusive Faker and Kobra Kahn two pack which I am very excited for as well not to mention the plans to make a MOTU movie!

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