Thursday, December 20, 2007

The madness continues

Well my bro in law JD works at FYE and this FYE exclusive two pack has been showing up on my forum for the last week so Tuesday night I told JD about it and he said he would check on it. Yesterday afternoon I got a text saying he had so we cruised on in so I could get this Scarlet Spiderman and Hobgoblin. Now I have to wait till they actually get out on the shelf with the others so I can buy a couple to sell or trade because this is a hot topic for minimate collectors.
While we were ther I spotted this end of day 2 24 minimate two pack and even though I don't plan on getting these minimates if I find them in a store and don't have to pay shipping and at FYE get my 10% off then off course I had to snag it because it is minimates. This here is Jack Bauer and Nina Meyers.

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