Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Star Wars Goodness part 1

Christmas Christmas time is here, time for toys and time for cheer. Thats right kids Christmas is here and presents have been given and opened! Breanne ever attentive to my collecting desires got this Entertainment Earth Exclusive Republic Elite Forces box set (which is actually two sets the second one being in the next photo) This set comes with Omega Squad from the Republic Commando books so even though they are not named here I know that they are Darman, Fi, Atin, and Niner. Then each of these sets comes with some of the Mandalorians that Jango Fett brought with him to Kamino to help train the clone troopers and this set comes with Llats Ward, B'arin Apma, and Rav Bralor.
This is the second set and it comes with two ARC Troopers, two Clone Troopers and then Mij Gilamar, Isabet Reau, and Dred Priest. The only thing I think they should have done differently with these sets is to make the Bantha Skull on opposite side of each box so that when you set them down next to each other it would make the whole skull. The figures though are top of the line sweet and the Mandalorians even have removable helmets.
My wife's Grandma always gets people Hallmark ornaments for Christmas and so obviously she gets me the Star Wars ones and so this year I chose this R2-D2 and Jawa ornament.

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