Sunday, August 28, 2011

SDCC stragglers come in the mail and 41 waves holy cow!

Well lets start with a great addition to the 90s Xmen here with wave 41's Mr Sinister! I remember loving the episodes with him in it! The army builder for this wave is Nimrod and the variant is the Age of Apocalypse Mr Sinister.
Then you have a great looking beefed up Hulk and a first appearance Iron Man.
The great new unique set of this wave is Green Goblin with a very first and very cool glider and then Unmasked Spiderman who can be, as you can see, tied up and captured with that rope!
Here are the last of the exclusive SDCC sets that came in the mail. Here is the Disney set Future Foundatin with Thing, Spiderman, Invisible Woman, and Mr Fantastic.
This set if the Mighty Thor with the very first and totally rad Beta Ray Bill, Thor, Sif, and Loki.
So very excited for this set which is a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 set with Dante, Phoenix, Arthur (from the game Ghouls n Ghosts which I had and loved for SNES!) and Deadpool. Arthur and Deadpool are my favorites here I love the accessories with Arthur!
Here we have TRU wave 11 exclusives (there was also a Nightcrawler but he is a duplicate from the Excalibur set so I didn't picture him here). We have Fantomex, Mr. Negative, and Betsy Braddock.
Here we ahve DSTs Marvel Select Gambit figure. We don't get many Gambit figures like this 90s Xmen version so I just had to pick him up when I found him at the Disney store!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The many faces of Man-E-Faces

So this month's MOTUC figure has got to be one of my all time favorites so far! We have Man-E-Faces and you can read his bio further down below (sorry that the pic is sideways stupid blogger!) I love this figure! So you can see his many faces below. The first 3 are the same as the original figure. The second three are the secret accessory that he came with that I didn't know about until today and it is the coolest one so far!

Here you have his robot face

Here is his monster face

Here is his man face and then you can switch out the head inside to get the next three faces since Man-E-Faces is a master of disguise you can also make him . . . . . .



Or He-Man!!!!!! He also has the head turn feature so the little knob on top of his head turns the three faces around!

Since it was on sale at Target I also bought the new Endor assault lego set. . . . why you ask? Because I like Star Wars ok so shutup!

Friday, August 12, 2011

A few random things

So I picked up some of TRU exclusive HALO Universe wave 3 this here is the white Spartan ODST and the Brute Stalker with active Camo.
Here we have a Spartan Mark VI and an Elite Combat guy who looks really cool. I mostly just like to get the packs that have some unique figures in it not so much caring about the Spartans as they all look pretty much the same.
Cool new thing though was a two pack of Bakugan that has a Bakugan (which I gave to Xander) and a Marvel one which is Iron Man! I love different versions of Iron Man!!!

Your mamma. . . . .nope He-man's momma!

The SDCC MOTU exclusive figure this year was none other than He-man's mother. The figure was packged as Queen Marlena (below) at the show but since I bought mine on the sale on the website after the show my version is Captain Glenn which you can read about in the bio below. The cool accessory she came with is Cringer!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Here comes the Con!

So TRU had their exclusives for SDCC up on their website for sale pretty quick after the con and it was free shipping so I picked up the first Marvel vs. Capcom set (I didn't keep the Red Hulk figure from the set) This has the player 2 colors for Megaman Zero, Morrigan, and Stealth Iron Man. I love the Zero, what a great new minimate, can't wait for the P1 colors to come to TRU this fall.
Then I picked up the new classics Thundercats Lion-O figure and it is incredible! Great articulation, great accessories and it just looks amazing. I loved TC as a kid but never had Lion-O so this figure just makes me really happy.


So Playskool has decided to replace their old stuff like Super Hero Squad and Galactic Heroes with newer stuff. Here we have the Marvel Adventures guys this is Iron Man and Dr. Doom. These figure still have the cuteness of the old stuff but with better articulation and playability.
The new SW stuff if called Jedi Force. Here is Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper.
R2-D2 and C3PO
And Luke and the very cute Yoda. I don't know how much I will collect these but I did want to get the few main characters that I wanted. I may get a vehicle when they show up at stores.