Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The many faces of Man-E-Faces

So this month's MOTUC figure has got to be one of my all time favorites so far! We have Man-E-Faces and you can read his bio further down below (sorry that the pic is sideways stupid blogger!) I love this figure! So you can see his many faces below. The first 3 are the same as the original figure. The second three are the secret accessory that he came with that I didn't know about until today and it is the coolest one so far!

Here you have his robot face

Here is his monster face

Here is his man face and then you can switch out the head inside to get the next three faces since Man-E-Faces is a master of disguise you can also make him . . . . . .



Or He-Man!!!!!! He also has the head turn feature so the little knob on top of his head turns the three faces around!

Since it was on sale at Target I also bought the new Endor assault lego set. . . . why you ask? Because I like Star Wars ok so shutup!

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