Friday, September 19, 2014

A little too much fun!

So I found a cool website called which has people from all over the world selling lego stuff.  So I made my first order to fill in some of the holes in my SW minifigure collection so I got Chief Chirpa, Jek Porkins and an A-wing pilot.

So they are making TMNT minimates but the first ones you could get were these translucent Michelangelo and Leonardo from SDCC. I had to get them on ebay but found a good deal. Can't wait for the first full wave because I must have a Donatello.

I love the new TMNT show and one of my favorite original show characters was Slash so I had to snag this new versino of him. 

So this month we had the Salt Lake Comic Con September 4-6 and then we got up the 7th and drove to CA for a week to go to Disneyland so there was lots of cool stuff to buy and although I got a lot here I sure could have purchased a lot more.  This cute little guy is a plush Deadpool. 

 I got some vintage SW figures from a random booth at the con and it was the last day so they were all 50% off so I got Ackbar and the entire Max Rebo band for 15$ !  I love great deals.

I also got a bunch of these blind boxed Sci Fi figures. Xander picked them for me and he picked all three versions of the Predator and the Alien.  There are several others from the collection I want but not a bad selection for picking 4 blind boxes!

While in CA I took Xander to Legoland and while there I picked up the new B-wing set (mostly for the minifugres of Cracken, Ten Nunb and Gray Squadron pilot).

Then I had to have this incredible Ecto-1 with the Ghostbusters.  It is seriously one of the coolest Lego sets of all time.

Today I snagged the Toryn Farr figure from the black series since it is a characters I don't ahve a figure of yet and she if from ESB.  There ya go, maybe I had a little too much fun in the last two weeks!