Friday, July 20, 2012

This month's MOTUC figure is none other than Spikor!  I loved this one as a kid and maes me wish that these new ones had the action features of the vintage figures but this one looks great as always!  Read his bio below.

Here we have one of the two SDCC exclusive sets that I actually cared enough about to buy. This is Canada's Avengers, Alpha Flight.  As you can see one of the figure broke right after opening it so hopefully DST will replace the part.  You have Northstar, Marinna, Puck, and Guardian. There are more on the way too from this team so that will be awesome!

Then the best thing to come out of SDCC this year was the first (as there will be more) box set for Thundercats minimates!  These are easily some of my favorite minimates of all (and I have quite a few to choose from).  You ahve Lion-o, Panthro, Snarff (just a small pvc figure) Mumm-Ra and Jaga.  Can't wait for more of these to come out!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


I don't get to TRU as much as I used to and it has been a slow time for toys (although SDCC is coming and so the end of this month beginning of August should see a good haul) But I went to TRU today and got this Lightning Gremlin from Gremlins 2!  What a great collectible!

Then I saw a display for the new toys for the upcoming Nickelodeon TMNT show and they had some vehicles and only one figure in the display and thank my lucky star it was Donatello, my favorite and the only one I was planning on buying! There is a Classics line coming too so I should be picking up that Donatello as well. The articulation on this figure is superb and I really dig the look too.  Cowabunga!