Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mac Attack for my b-day

So my brother, Morri, went on a cruise recently with his wife Liza and some friends. While he was at St Marten he found a shop and got this incredibly awesome and unique b-day present and even though my b-day is not until next tuesday he couldn't wait to give it to me so here it is. There is a shop down there set up by artist Nick Maley who does some awesome art but most importantly he is the man that built the animatronic Yoda for Empire Strikes Back! So Morri found this shop and got me this personalized bookmark and poster. The bookmark says Nick Maley For Pat '08 on it and has a small picture of him detailing Yoda's face. The larger picture has three original Topps trading cards on it and then a smaller art card done by Nick Maley and two pictures from when he created Yoda and it is signed For Jedi Master Pat and Morri Tolman Follow your Star and then it is signed Nick Maley 08. What an awesome present this is. It is unique, personalized and totally kick A since it is signed by someone who created a central character for a movie that is my favorite movie of all time! Thanks Morri you rock!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

100 posts old!

Well I saved these from being posted for a few days so that this minimate set could be in the 100th post of my blog. Here we have a new Iron Man minimates this is the zombie version that you have recall was put in a pic on this here blog when they first announced it, well here he is with the Zombie attacked Black Panther (sad that this is the only version of BP that we have but a new minimates is always welcome).
Then the next super awesome set that came in the mail with the last set is US Agent and Taskmaster. As you can see Taskmaster has a butload of accessories and it reminds me of all of my 8" GI Joes that come with more accessories than they can carry. In any case these are some great new minimates and there will be a bunch more new ones in the upcoming weeks with waves 19 and 20 coming out soon!

Gold, we've found GOLD!

After a long search (this is about all I have been looking for at toy stores for the last few weeks, an early morning visit to Walmart paid off when I found this here Blade Destro with the Gold Plated head and. . . . .
Crimson Guard, who has eluded me since I got the rest of this wave over a month ago! YEAH!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mister Tolmoriums toy emporium

Man do I love after Christmas clearances. I have picked up a couple of double 8" Joes at walmart this week just to have in my drawer at work to fiddle with when I am bored. Today though I found a figure that I don't have and for 50% off I snagged it super fast. This here is Samurai Storm Shadow. I haven't heard any news lately of any upcoming 8" figs so I this toy line may be coming to a close, so so sad.

I also found this Galactica Titanium at Walmart but this one if from the original series and I didn't know they made one so I was very excited to pick this one up. This month has been slow toy wise so far but I should be getting some minimates in the mail tomorrow so I am looking forward to that.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Clobberin Time!

Well let me just say that I love the after Christmas clearance time while at the same time I hate how long it takes most stores to get in new stuff. But today I went to Walmart and they are clearancing the FF4 build a figure wave and even though I would have liked to snag all of them I withheld and just got this great looking Thing.
Last week on ebay I got two auctions for the variants from the Spiderman 3 waves of minimates and I got them today. Here we have the very great looking Mary Jane variant and the Trasnformation Venom. Now only a few more weeks till the nest 2 waves of marvel mm and boy oh boy am I excited for that!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The future came back last night.

Well I got home from work last night to celebrate New Year's Eve and the future came to visit me! I finally got my Enchantment Under the Sea Exclusive 2pack with Marty and Lorraine. This set got tied up in customs for quite a while so it was a great last day of the year thing to get in the mail.
Then today I went to Target and Billy found a GIant Man Ultimate Iron Man super hero squad for me so I snagged it but I only want the Iron Man so here he is and I am selling the Giant Man on ebay to help me pay for some minimate variants I just won on ebay.