Monday, January 7, 2008

Clobberin Time!

Well let me just say that I love the after Christmas clearance time while at the same time I hate how long it takes most stores to get in new stuff. But today I went to Walmart and they are clearancing the FF4 build a figure wave and even though I would have liked to snag all of them I withheld and just got this great looking Thing.
Last week on ebay I got two auctions for the variants from the Spiderman 3 waves of minimates and I got them today. Here we have the very great looking Mary Jane variant and the Trasnformation Venom. Now only a few more weeks till the nest 2 waves of marvel mm and boy oh boy am I excited for that!

1 comment:

J.Ammon said...

I wonder what would've happened if venom would've stumbled upon Sandman instead and turned into some crazy Sand-spider thing...