Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Master Luke you're standing on a. . . . . .

Ok so here is one of the best SW lego additions yet!  They made this Rancor pit with Malikili, Luke, and a Gamorrean Guard and of course a Rancor!
What makes the set so awesome is that you can put the Jabba's Palace set on top of it!  Just when I think they can't come up with any new SW lego sets that I have to have they find something to empty my wallet!
Here we have a set I didn't think I would get but then I found out that two versions are new characters.  This is the Venom Through the Ages set but it comes with Flash Thompson as Venom (government agent) and Ann Weying who is Eddie Brock's ex-wife as She-Venom. Then you have Eddie Brock Venom and Venom Unleashed. I wanted two and really like the Venom Unleashed so I had to get this one!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mosquitos and Zombies love blood and brains!

This is the last figure for my MOTU subsciription as I didn't subscribe for 2013 (too many figures that I don't want)  Here we have Mosquitor and his bio below. Figures still look amazing and I can't wait for Ram Man in January even though I have to get on and order him instead of him just showing up in the mail.  Got to save money! These figures were a consistent post for me throughout the year but if you look at my posts since this blog started they have gone down each year and with no subscription this year they will go down even more I suspect.

Here we have the Walking Dead Zombies from series 2 and from the Dale pack from series 1.

Here we have the Walking Dead minimates of Dale, Michonee, Andrea, and Amy.  There are more coming out at TRU soon as well so those will hopefully be up here soon. Even though I haven't read the comics, I love the show and I know these characters so I had to pick them up!