Tuesday, January 18, 2011

He-man of the North

So the classic style Transfomers are great just like MOTUC because they take the classic look of characters and put them in a modern toy with great look and poseability. This set called Reveal the Shield is a two pack with Rodimus and Cyclonus from the TF movie and it even came with a die cast Matrix of Leadership. Here they are in their vehicle modes. I don't understand why blogger can't make my picture appear horizontal even though it is that way on my computer!
Here is Rodimus.
And here is Cyclonus who was Skywarp but was transformed by Unicron. So since I have all those other seekers and they are making a Thundercracker and I missed getting the Skywarp they did a few years ago (hopefully they reissue it) I think this fits in nicely with my other classic style guys.
Here we have this year's subscription's first MOTU figure. This is Vikor He-man of the North. He was the first one to protect the sword of He after King Grayskull died. This figure is based on the original concept art of He-man. You can read his bio and see the original concept picture with the bio below.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Post Christmas Christmas

So wave 37 of minimates finally showed up and they keep pumping out great minimates. This waves army builder was a doombot. One came with a Thing and the other came with the variant trenchcoat Thing.
Then there is the six armed Spiderman and a Spidey villain long awaited Lizard!
Then the best new minimate in a long time is this 90s Professor X with his hover chair! He came with an X-force Warpath. I love this hover chair it is definitely one of the best accessories to date with a minimate!
At TRU they have exclusive MAX elite heroes packs but my TRU hasn't got them in but someone returned one at my store so this pack of Special ops guys showed up on the peg so I snagged it up!
Well because of a TRU promotion with their rewards r us program during the month of December I earned a whole bunch of rewards r us dollars but since TRU didn't get in the new minimates I wanted and some of the dollars were going to expire I had to use them. So with those coupons and some TRU gift cards received at Christmas I bought this really cool Jedi T6 shuttle. Not only is the ship really great it comes with new minifigures of Shaak Ti and Saesee Tiin.
So this Comic 2 pack was supposed to be in stores but all the remaining packs planned were made internet exclusives so when BBTS put this on clearance right when I was about to ship my loot with new minimates I picked it up because it has some Rogue Squadron pilots from the books which is one of the things I still collect.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Me Grimlock!

Well first of all I had to pick up this Kevin Flynn Identity Disc because it is the first time I have seen the white one! It is really cool because it has a display stand and it makes sounds and lights up! I couldn't pass it up (also it was on sale).

Dont' know why I can't get this picture to load correctly but oh well. These are wave two of the die cast vehicles. The two I had to have were the 1 man light jet and the 3 man light jet. Then I got the other two so that I could have all of them. The other two are CLU's sentry's light cycle and a grid limo. Man I loved this movie! If you haven't seen it yet then you must do so now!
Next we have a great deal I got by buying this from my best friend Kenny. This is the Masterpiece Grimlock. Here he is in Dino form with a butter knife to help give you scale.
Here is just another pic of him in dino form.
And then last you have him in robot mode with his sword, gun, and crown, The sword and gun light up in his right hand. I love these MP transformers there are few toys cooler than these!