Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nothing like toys to make a sick boy better!

Well something has been going around my family starting with Mara, then Xander, and now me which coupled with a sleepless night of Xander being up caused me to call in sick to work. But between classes this morning I still had to go to TRU and Walmart and here I have the McQ Snowtrooper (so that completes wave 6 but I still have 4 I still needs from wave 5).
Then I found this titanium BSG Colonial Viper mark VII which is pretty cool since I thought I had all of the BSG titaniums.
Then finally I have the one figure from Marvel Legends wave 3 that I wanted (since the FF and the SP3 waves came out first) so this is classic Cap and he is awesome and makes me wish they would make a minimates of this versin of Cap.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Well first off let me apologize for the crappy quality of these pics. We are still inbetween cameras and this one I have been using on the last several posts is just not up to par. But happy day because I got my DC wave 6 today with some great new additions. Here we have Bizarro and Supergirl (THE BEST looking female minimate of them all hands down!)
Here we have Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E. I have no background knowledge of these two but the robot guy is pretty cool.
Here we have battle damaged Wonder Woman and Cheetah (which is a pretty cool one too).
And then another no background knowledge pair we have Blackhawk and Sgt Rock. I love minimates and am getting increasingly frustrated with the delay in the Spiderman 3 minimates coming out (atleast the movie comes out on dvd tomorrow so that will asuage some of my impatience).

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Whoah JOE!

Well I went to the AF Target today and KACHING they had all of the figures from wave 3 that I wanted so here we have Firefly.
Master of Disguise Zartan.
Polly want a cracker Shipwreck.
Red Ninja (which having this figure increases my desire ten fold to get the Joe Con exclusive 8" figure they did with a parachute)
And this figure was actually from Walmart earlier in the day I decided I couldn't be complete without a Cobra Trooper.

A Fist full of Dollars

Well so I was at Walmart and I saw this Destro (Crime Boss Destro) that I passed up when I got Windfire Cobra Commander and Dark Ninja Master but when I saw him this time I decided that I like Destro too much to pass on getting this figure. He is a cool figure with his little safety deposit box of gold and cash but I don't think he came to get all those dollars I think he wants that hot chick in the picture behind him. . . stay away bub she's mine!
Well I got this guy last saturday but I just kept forgetting to upload this pic. This is the FF (Fantastic Four for you unenlightened non-geeks) wave of Marvel Legends Dr Doom. This is one of the Best looking waves of marvel legends to date in my opinion (except for Mole Man and the head of Human Torch) and if I had 80 bucks sitting around I would snatch up the whole wave and get the build a figure of Ronan the Accuser (or something like that) But since I don't have that much money I got the best looking one which is this Doom figure. I really like the Thing and Mr Fantastic from this wave so don't be surprised if they show up here sooner or later.

Friday, October 19, 2007

1.21 jigawatts!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE minimates? Well I do. Today I got my brand new BTTF (Back to the Future) four pack. This is based off of the first movie and there is an exclusive 2 pk coming out in a month and then another four pack based on the BTTF 2 coming out next year. So here we have Biff Tanne, Doc Brown, Lorraine Baines, and Marty McFly with his skateboard. This Marty is one of the coolest looking minimates so far. Chic a la frakin huit!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The joy of finding toys that I never new existed!

So I go into Target today and I found this new exclusive limited edition Target Exclusive Tie Crawler (or Tie Tank as I like to call it) lego set! What made this even greater is that I had no idea that this was even going to be made. In all of the SW sites that I check and all of the toy news I read I didn't know this was being made. It is a vehicle from the expanded universe which makes it doubly cool. What a great thing to look forward to building after I finished writing a paper for a class today!
I also found this Recon Barricade Transformers Movie toy. I wanted to get the original normal looking cop car because this is based off the Mustang (my favorite car) but I never picked it up so when I saw this alternate version that will probably be released in smaller numbers I had to snag it up. I also watched Transformers today, twice, once while building my lego and then again because Xander wanted to watch it. WHAT A FRAKIN AWESOME MOVIE!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Its about frakin time!

Well after placing my order in March for this MOTU staction (statue action) figure for an April release date I finally have my King Randor staction. It is really cool with the actual fur on the cape and the shield with some acid damage from when Keldor got burned by acid thus becoming Skeletor. This is a great addition to my staction collection and very cool afx exclusive.
Well I got this a few days ago but our camera is having issues and the only other camera I have to use doesn't take the best of pictures but since I got Randor today and couldn't wait to post that one I took a pic of this here Lady Jaye figure from the 25th anniversary GI Joe line.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Skipping waves like skipping rocks.

Well continuing in the recent trend of having the next wave come out before I finish getting all of the previous wave we now have some of wave 6 before I have finished getting wave 5 (I still need Darth Revan, Darth Malak, Hermi Odle, and McQ Starkiller Hero). Not that I am complaining because I now have some new figures but I just always get toy stress that I won't find the other figures. So here we have General "Pharl" (which is Ralph mized up) McQuarrie. So this is a rebel General with the head of Ralph McQuarrie which is an homage again to him. COOL!
Then we have this Lando in the smuggler outfit from the end of Empire. It is great to finally get a new Lando figure. There are more Chewbaccas then there are Landos!
And then I didn't know if I would get this one but after seeing it and seeing it was the only one there I decided to snag this Han Solo with the torture rack from Bespin in Empire. So that leaves only one figure from wave 6 to get and that is the McQ snowtrooper. Man this last month has been a toy atTACk. . . . .if you don't get that too bad. . . . . . .ok fine it means Thirtieth Anniversary Collection.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

poursuivant previous props post!

Ok if you haven't read the previous post you should start there before readin this post. Here we have Lockdown, Inferno, and Spirit.
The bottom here we have Iron Grenadier, BAT, Lt Stone, and Hi-Tech.
This is a picture of all of the remaining Joes that didn't go in the curio. Before now everything that was in the curio and all of these were on three shelves just like what you see here so they were very squished but so the top shelf here we have Battlefield Cobra Commander, Shouri Storm Shadow, Toxic Zartan, Sky BAT, Dark Ninja Master, Windfire Cobra Commander, Red Banshee, Firefly (Joe version), Snake Eyes with Timber, and Flame Kamakura. The bottom shelf has Desert Long Range, Heavy Duty, Shockwave, Sigma Strike Duke, Desert Wolf, Recondo (combat squad), Leatherneck, Backblast, Barrel Roll, Recondo (adventure team with Croc), Grand Slam, and Tunnel Rat. The only Joe fig I have that is not pictured is Jungle Commando Snake Eyes who is riding my Ninja hovercycle displayed elsewhere. So there you have my 45 8" GI Joes the most kick butt toy this size EVER!

More Props this time to EMILY!

Well so my good friend and former boss from work Emily (the best boss I have ever had) got a new curio for her house and offered me her old curio for FREE! Being a freak for displaying my toys I jumped at the chance and picked up the curio today THANKS AGAIN EMILY! I decided atleast for now to display my 8" GI Joes in it because the other shelf there were on was way too crowded so here is a whole picture of the curio and the following 7 pictures will be of individual shelves.
Up on top we have Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, and Kamakura.
Next we have Destro, Zartan, and Firefly (the cobra version).
Here we have Gung Ho, Paratrooper Duke, Flint, and Shipwreck.
This is one of my favorite shelves becasue it has all of my underwater joes we have Wet Suit, Lt Torpedo, Sea Ops Duke, and Deep Six.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Props to Billy (my cohort in toy crime)

So my friend Billy (thanks again!) read here about my frustrations in finding the McQ Darth Vader and so as he is a fellow toy enthusiast and wa sat TRU he found this figure for me and called up and told me he would pick it up for me and KACHOW here it is! So now my wave 4 is complete (atleast of the figures I wanted to get) and I am already down to only needing 4 in wave 5. This figure is one of the first figures they showed pics of for this signature series and so I have been looking forward to it for a long time so I am so happy that I finnaly have and glad to have friends who watch out for toys for me!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Roarin for Roron

Well I love it when day after day after day I find new toys it just makes me so happy. We stopped into walmart and much to my dismay I found a McQ Darth Vader. . . . . what was my dismay you ask? The card was completely bent and mangled. I was so PISSED! I finally find one and it was damaged :( But to alleviate my ire I did find RORON COROBB! This figure is now opened and will go on my jedi shelf right next to my large maquette statue of him. This character is so great.
And then to atleast sprinkly a little more happiness onto my sadness I got this figure of General Grievous pre-cyborg version as he was when he was still a Kaleesh and now mostly a machine. Cool cool coolio!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Me and CZ

Well my SW luck continued today as I found one of the last two from the TAC wave 4 that I needed. This here is CZ 4. So now all I need to get caught up in the McQ Darth Vader and oh man will I be excited when I find that one.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Well me fam and I went to SLC today and went to a Walmart in Sandy and much to my surprise I found these two figures from the 30th anniversary collection wave 5! This is somewhat frustrating and inconsistent because I am still missing two figures I have never seen from Wave 4. Not to complain though because finding new SW figs is always great. Here we ahve Yoda and the Kybuck from the Clone Wars cartoon.This wave also has Roron Corrob from the CW cartoon and I am super excited for that figure.
This however is the TAC figure I have been looking the most forward to so I was very enthused that this is one of the ones I found today. We have C3PO and Salacious Crumb. This is one of the best figures they have done yet and Salacious is one of my favorite characters! COOLIO!

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Best Family EVER!

Well up in Boise this last weekend my whole family was together and it was awesome. I love them all. So from top to bottom left to right we have Ben (my brother) holding Brody, his wife Amber, Doug with his son Jeremy in fron of him, Gwen (My sister married to Doug), MOI, Breanne the Sexy mamma, Liza holding Addison, Morri (my brother marries to Liza), Lana (My sister) holding Maddox, JR (married to Lana). Then on the couch we have Carter (Morri and Liza), Bryton (Ben and Amber), Mara (ours) my Mom, my Dad, Aubrey (Ben and Amber) Jacob (Gwen and Doug), Caden (standing Ben and Amber), then on the floor we have Noah (Lana and JR), Cody (Gwen and Doug), Alex (Morri and Liza), Spencer (Ben and Amber), and XANDER (ours). So that is my family and what a great time we had staying up and talking and laughing until like 1 in the morning friday and saturday and playing games and just having a good time. That is what it is all about!


Well so I went to Walmart today to pick up the figure in the next picture (I will explain) and voila they had the figure that I have been the most excited about (even though I didn't think it would be coming out for another few weeks) This here is Windfire Cobra Commander with his little cobra glider thing that shoots discs. Notice that CCs chest is chrome AWESOME. I love cobra commander as is evidenced by the picture at the very very bottom of my blog!
So FINALLY I have lockdown the last of the 5 figures I had put money aside for I now have. I found it on Walmart.com for a site to store transfer and so I bought it and had it shipped to the Lindon Walmart and it got there and I went and picked it up and I am so releived to have that now and not to have to carry around the cash in my wallet anymore and be tempted to buy other things with it although I am proud that I saved it for 6 months until now I finally have this one.
The other figure they had at Walmart tonight was this Dark Ninja Master he has a buttload of weapons and he is taller than the other figures and has a kick A big sword. I love these 8" joes so much they are so great with great poseability and playability it is difficult to get toys cooler than this (except for minimates).
This last weekend we went to Boise for my new nephew Brody's baby blessing and JR (my brother in law) had to go to Fred Meyer to get some formula for Maddox one of my other nephews and so I tagged along because I haven't scoped Fred Meyer toys in years since the one here closed. And to my jubilation they had this Saga Legends Imperial Officer figure which completes my list of figures to get that came out while I was on my mission. Although this figure was originally in the POTJ series on a green card when I found out they would release it in this collection I decided to just get it this way rather than paying more to get it on ebay.
Propr to Billy on this one. He bought a bunch of Super Hero Squad figs for his son Connor and he got an extra War Machine that he passed on to me through Karri. So awesome stuff to go up with my lone War Machine Marvel Legends figure.