Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Fist full of Dollars

Well so I was at Walmart and I saw this Destro (Crime Boss Destro) that I passed up when I got Windfire Cobra Commander and Dark Ninja Master but when I saw him this time I decided that I like Destro too much to pass on getting this figure. He is a cool figure with his little safety deposit box of gold and cash but I don't think he came to get all those dollars I think he wants that hot chick in the picture behind him. . . stay away bub she's mine!
Well I got this guy last saturday but I just kept forgetting to upload this pic. This is the FF (Fantastic Four for you unenlightened non-geeks) wave of Marvel Legends Dr Doom. This is one of the Best looking waves of marvel legends to date in my opinion (except for Mole Man and the head of Human Torch) and if I had 80 bucks sitting around I would snatch up the whole wave and get the build a figure of Ronan the Accuser (or something like that) But since I don't have that much money I got the best looking one which is this Doom figure. I really like the Thing and Mr Fantastic from this wave so don't be surprised if they show up here sooner or later.

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The Dahle's said...

i saw these at the Walmart too. Liked them all except the human torch his head looks funny