Monday, October 1, 2007


Well so I went to Walmart today to pick up the figure in the next picture (I will explain) and voila they had the figure that I have been the most excited about (even though I didn't think it would be coming out for another few weeks) This here is Windfire Cobra Commander with his little cobra glider thing that shoots discs. Notice that CCs chest is chrome AWESOME. I love cobra commander as is evidenced by the picture at the very very bottom of my blog!
So FINALLY I have lockdown the last of the 5 figures I had put money aside for I now have. I found it on for a site to store transfer and so I bought it and had it shipped to the Lindon Walmart and it got there and I went and picked it up and I am so releived to have that now and not to have to carry around the cash in my wallet anymore and be tempted to buy other things with it although I am proud that I saved it for 6 months until now I finally have this one.
The other figure they had at Walmart tonight was this Dark Ninja Master he has a buttload of weapons and he is taller than the other figures and has a kick A big sword. I love these 8" joes so much they are so great with great poseability and playability it is difficult to get toys cooler than this (except for minimates).
This last weekend we went to Boise for my new nephew Brody's baby blessing and JR (my brother in law) had to go to Fred Meyer to get some formula for Maddox one of my other nephews and so I tagged along because I haven't scoped Fred Meyer toys in years since the one here closed. And to my jubilation they had this Saga Legends Imperial Officer figure which completes my list of figures to get that came out while I was on my mission. Although this figure was originally in the POTJ series on a green card when I found out they would release it in this collection I decided to just get it this way rather than paying more to get it on ebay.
Propr to Billy on this one. He bought a bunch of Super Hero Squad figs for his son Connor and he got an extra War Machine that he passed on to me through Karri. So awesome stuff to go up with my lone War Machine Marvel Legends figure.

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