Friday, October 5, 2007

Roarin for Roron

Well I love it when day after day after day I find new toys it just makes me so happy. We stopped into walmart and much to my dismay I found a McQ Darth Vader. . . . . what was my dismay you ask? The card was completely bent and mangled. I was so PISSED! I finally find one and it was damaged :( But to alleviate my ire I did find RORON COROBB! This figure is now opened and will go on my jedi shelf right next to my large maquette statue of him. This character is so great.
And then to atleast sprinkly a little more happiness onto my sadness I got this figure of General Grievous pre-cyborg version as he was when he was still a Kaleesh and now mostly a machine. Cool cool coolio!


The Dahle's said...

amber and i are going to run some errands today so i will be on a vadar hunt to try and find one. I will call you if i do

The Dahle's said...

hey i am also wanting a pre-cyborg grievous if you see one