Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The joy of finding toys that I never new existed!

So I go into Target today and I found this new exclusive limited edition Target Exclusive Tie Crawler (or Tie Tank as I like to call it) lego set! What made this even greater is that I had no idea that this was even going to be made. In all of the SW sites that I check and all of the toy news I read I didn't know this was being made. It is a vehicle from the expanded universe which makes it doubly cool. What a great thing to look forward to building after I finished writing a paper for a class today!
I also found this Recon Barricade Transformers Movie toy. I wanted to get the original normal looking cop car because this is based off the Mustang (my favorite car) but I never picked it up so when I saw this alternate version that will probably be released in smaller numbers I had to snag it up. I also watched Transformers today, twice, once while building my lego and then again because Xander wanted to watch it. WHAT A FRAKIN AWESOME MOVIE!

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