Monday, October 1, 2007

The Best Family EVER!

Well up in Boise this last weekend my whole family was together and it was awesome. I love them all. So from top to bottom left to right we have Ben (my brother) holding Brody, his wife Amber, Doug with his son Jeremy in fron of him, Gwen (My sister married to Doug), MOI, Breanne the Sexy mamma, Liza holding Addison, Morri (my brother marries to Liza), Lana (My sister) holding Maddox, JR (married to Lana). Then on the couch we have Carter (Morri and Liza), Bryton (Ben and Amber), Mara (ours) my Mom, my Dad, Aubrey (Ben and Amber) Jacob (Gwen and Doug), Caden (standing Ben and Amber), then on the floor we have Noah (Lana and JR), Cody (Gwen and Doug), Alex (Morri and Liza), Spencer (Ben and Amber), and XANDER (ours). So that is my family and what a great time we had staying up and talking and laughing until like 1 in the morning friday and saturday and playing games and just having a good time. That is what it is all about!

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