Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Well me fam and I went to SLC today and went to a Walmart in Sandy and much to my surprise I found these two figures from the 30th anniversary collection wave 5! This is somewhat frustrating and inconsistent because I am still missing two figures I have never seen from Wave 4. Not to complain though because finding new SW figs is always great. Here we ahve Yoda and the Kybuck from the Clone Wars cartoon.This wave also has Roron Corrob from the CW cartoon and I am super excited for that figure.
This however is the TAC figure I have been looking the most forward to so I was very enthused that this is one of the ones I found today. We have C3PO and Salacious Crumb. This is one of the best figures they have done yet and Salacious is one of my favorite characters! COOLIO!

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The Dahle's said...

So i was at your house to today and i finally got to see the famous toy office. WOW!!! i saw a bunch of stuff that i had as a kid and it brought back tons of memories!!!