Saturday, April 18, 2015


Wave 2 of the TMNT minimates are AMAZING!!!! The four turtles came with alternate head and alternate parts galore!! I especially love Donatello's in love eyes so he can gaze and the April miniamte I already have. 

 This wave also has Splinter, Casey Jones, Bradford, a Krang Norman bot and Karai, Ttere is also a Krang brain! I am dying to see what they do next with this line because these are so incredible!

I was at Shopko and don't normally buy toys there but they had this Jedi Temple Gaurd from an episode of Rebels that I didn't know they were making and so I had to snag it (2 bucks more than Walmart) because I didn't want to miss this cool figure. It will be my packaging representation for my toy room (meaning I have at least one figure still MOC for all the different packaging styles)

So some of the MOTUC figures come with alternate head for the 200X style and their vintage style.  I like the other head but they have been just sitting in a bag in a box with other extra parts so I decided to make a head display stand. It doesn't show in the picture but I also had 4 vintage MOTU puzzles that I put together and glued onto a backer and hung on the wall behind this curio. Since it it a glass curio they act as a background to my MOTUC figures.  I thought it was pretty cool.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


I love the new TMNT series and they had an episode where the turtles have to get their edge back and they have different outfits so since Donatello is my favorite I had to snag him in this cool outfit.

 TRU got their Avengers Age of Ultron minimates and since I have to have Iron Man I picked up that two pack and then the exclusive pack of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Luckily IM came with Black Widow so it was a figure I wanted too.

 So the new SW Rebels show is great but Disney's first line of figures from the show are lame because they have crappy articulation but being me I had to pick up Kanan and the Inquisitor to go on my Jedi and Sith shelf.  Necessities?