Friday, September 16, 2011

Monsters and menaces.

So I decided the only Universal Monsters minimates I would get would be the black and white versions that are TRU exclusives. So here we have this year's set in Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster.
With the release of SW on blu-ray there was a Lego Star Wars special released called the Padawan Menace and it features young Han Solo and the set came with this young Han minifigure! Very cool.
When I went to get my comics for this month at the comic store they had this on the shelf which I have wanted since I saw pics of it. It is a set of nesting dolls (I have a Darth Vader set already) of Princess Leia. Very very cool!

Here comes the Horde!

This month we get two MOTCU figures. The first is the variant Hordak figure Hurricane Hordak. He has three different attachments for his arm that spin around like a hurricane. You can read bio below.

Then we get a member of Hordak'd Horde, Leech. He doesn't have suction capability like the vintage Leech but the net he comes with does. He is probably the most different looking figure from a vintage figure so far but I still like him. You can read bio below.