Sunday, October 31, 2010

Super Soldier!

This is one of the best minimate sets yet. This is the TRU Exclusive Captain America Through the Ages set that was voted on by fans to choose the line up. This set includes from left to right- WWII Cap, Armored Cap, Cap Reborn, and Suspended Animation Cap. As Captain America is one of my four favorite super heroes I already love this set but it also gets me psyched for the upcoming movie starring Chris Evans, its going to be legen. . . . . .wait for it. . . . . dary!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Exclusives from a different comic con

So the NYCC (New York Comic Con) happened a few weekends back and they had some exclusive sets which got to me today. First we have the New Mutants which includes Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Karma, and Sunspot. At NYCC they also showed an upcoming wave of TRU minimates with a much cooler looking Cannonball.
Then we have two sets from the Age of Apocalypse series in which Xavier is dead and Magneto takes over his dream and creates the X-men team. Here we have Magneto, his wife Rogue, Cyclops and Sunfire. I love the extra head for Magneto that makes him look more sinister.
Then this set has Wolverine, Jean Grey, Dark Beast and the bad guy from this universe Apocalypse. These sets are all fairly random in terms of mainstream stuff but they are new Marvel minimates and I love me some of that!

Jets and Cars

So I had to go to a meeting in SLC for work today and I got up there early enough to go to the Walmart up the street and to my joy I found they next TF Generations Seeker DIRGE! I was very excited as I love the seekers and love these generations/classic versions. Now I just need to get the Skywarp made a few years back and they need to make a Thundercracker and I will have em all!
Here he is in Robot mode.
I got some more Tokyo Mater cars here you have Kabuto Ninja.
And another adorable car this is Cho.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Domo O Rigotto Mr. . . . . . .

ROBOTO! That's right boys and girls this months MOTUC figure is none other than Roboto! You can read his bio below and be jealous that you don't have one of these amazing figures!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crazy Drunk Drivers!

Ok so there was a TRU wave of minivehicles and now a comic store wave so here is the Frosted Delorean with Marty in his radioactive gear.
Here he is with his mask down (I am Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan!) and his video camera. Can't wait for the 25th anniversary BTTF set!
Then here we have the Terminator Hunter Killer tank which comes with a pretty cool resistance soldier.
And the tank opens in the back to put in an exoskeleton! These are cool but I really wouldn't mind if they didn't make anymore because it costs too much to buy a vehicle I don't really care about to get the minimate that I do care about!

Dad Gum!

So I picked up some great new toys from the Cars Toons series as you can see in past posts these are some really cute and cool looking toys. This is from my favorite of them all the UFO episode and this is Mator the UFO! Dad Gum he is cute.
Here we have another one from Tokyo Mater, this is Kyandee and she is also very adorable. I had to get this one since I knew Mara would love it!
My sister in law went to Disneyland again and she picked up this Vinylmation figure of my favorite Muppet Rowlf. These are Mickey figures that are painted as different characters or just with cool paint jobs so thanks Karri!

TRON!!!!! Is Back in force!

So Tron Legacy comes out in about 2 months and the toys are starting to hit in force and I just eat it up so here we have the first of two TRU exclusive 3 packs of mini diecast vehicles. This set includes Sam Flynn's Light Cycle, Kevin Flynn's Light Cycles and a Light Runner (the new car thing).
This is the other 3 pack which includes CLU's command ship, CLU's Light Cycle and a Recognizer. Very, very cool! I just wish that they would release some vintage style stuff to celebrate this new movie too.
Then here we have a 6" figure of Sma Flynn that has a light up chest and the coolest new feature that when you push a button his helmet lights up and his face moves and it says some movie lines. What a very unique and cool feature!
Then I found a 3 and 3/4 inch figure size Light Cycle at the Disney store last night that lights up! I also got a cool Tron Legacy zip up hoodie. I wish I could go to Disneyland right now as they have set up a Flynn's arcade with elecTRONica tokens and I'm sure lots of other cool Tron stuff! Man I can't wait for this movie it is going to legen. . . . .wait for it. . . . . dary!!!!