Monday, May 14, 2012


So minimates wave 44 and 45 are out and the contents of those waves have been acquired in my collection in different than usual ways. First, the Disney store has released two boxsets that have parts of wave 44. This set has Giant Man, Hulk, and Captain America from wave 44 and then the all new and long anticipated KANG! 

The second Disney set has Thor and Iron Man from wave 44 and then a new version of hawkeye (with a great quiver) and another new character Grim Reaper.

Then wave 45 is based on the Avengers movie (which btw is THE BEST super hero movie in all of ever!)  My actual wave 45 is on its way in the mail (along with the variant set from wave 44) but TRU got some additional packs for the Avengers movie. Here we have Loki and Nick Fury. The other TRU set Black Widow and Hawkeye has yet to be acquired but it will be mine oh yes it will be mine!