Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No flock but still rocks

This month we get one of the best new MOTUC offerings in Panthor. Although he is not flocked he stilled rocks. This cat is super poseable and comes with a new unique helmet! He is already opened by the way and Skeletor is riding him. You can see his bio below. I seriously hate when this system can't load my pictures correctly but oh well.

The regular sub figure this month is also one of my favs and it is Sy-klone too bad he doesn't have his action spin feature but he still looks awesome and you can read his bio below.

I had all of last week off of work and was depressed that I hadn't found any new toys in my searches so I broke down on Saturday and picked up this Alley Viper. I have wanted him for a while but passed him up but had to have a toy fix.
This is a vintage Gobot that my best friend Kenny gave me. This is Herr Fiend. Kenny gave him to me because a piece broke preventing it from turning into car mode. But it looks great in robot mode and has the box too so I have no problem adding it to my collection!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

They just keep coming!

Even though I suceeded in reducing my minimate collection, new ones just keep showing up int he mail! Here we have wave 38 with White Tiger, Hand Ninja, and the variant classic White Tiger on the right.
Then we have the great looking Iron Fist and a cool looking new version of Spiderman
Then we have Shadowland evil Daredevil and Elektra.
Next we have wave 39 which is based on the Thor movie and we have Thor and Destroyer
Then Loki and Odin
And then variant Jane Foster and Agent Coulson. These both came with a frost giant that I got int he single pack army builder box so I didn't keep those ones. So there you have my catch up for the last few weeks!

Biggest hurdle gone, only one more to go!

Ok so as you know I have been collecting the classic style TF seekers. Unfortunately Skywarp was released several years ago and I never picked it up so it has been the hardest one to get in my collection. A fellow board member on my minimate forum sold it to me though and so here we have the amazing Skywarp. Now I just need to find the newly released Thundercracker to have all the Seekers!!!!! I love thse guys!


So the last few days have been Tron days. On monday I got a bunch of the Disney Vinylmation Tron series in the mail this here is the only vintage one from that series of Kevin Flynn. Yesterday was Tron movie day as Legacy came out on blu-ray which I got that and the original classic on blu-ray as well. Then today as I type this I am downloading a newly available soundtrack of remixes! I also got the cardboard standup displays from FYE for Legacy from JD my brother in law! I love me some TRON!
Here is the Rinzler vinylmation.
Here is Quorra
and here is CLU
Disney.com was also clearancing their figures so I picked up Quorra to go with. . . . . . . .
The light runner that I got on clearance at Walmart for 7$!!!!!!! My only wish is that they would do some commerative original movie stuff!