Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No flock but still rocks

This month we get one of the best new MOTUC offerings in Panthor. Although he is not flocked he stilled rocks. This cat is super poseable and comes with a new unique helmet! He is already opened by the way and Skeletor is riding him. You can see his bio below. I seriously hate when this system can't load my pictures correctly but oh well.

The regular sub figure this month is also one of my favs and it is Sy-klone too bad he doesn't have his action spin feature but he still looks awesome and you can read his bio below.

I had all of last week off of work and was depressed that I hadn't found any new toys in my searches so I broke down on Saturday and picked up this Alley Viper. I have wanted him for a while but passed him up but had to have a toy fix.
This is a vintage Gobot that my best friend Kenny gave me. This is Herr Fiend. Kenny gave him to me because a piece broke preventing it from turning into car mode. But it looks great in robot mode and has the box too so I have no problem adding it to my collection!!!

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