Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Opening scene

Most people can recount where they were the first time they saw the Tantive IV fly down from the top of the movie screen with a Star Destroyer chasing it. The first time I saw this on the big screen was in 97 at the Academy Theater in Provo when they rereleased the trilogy in theaters. I was on the front row (which sucked) but even at 16 years old and having already seen the movie a zillion times, it still blew my mind! So when they announced this lego set I knew I had to have it, but the time had to be right. I sold a bunch of minimates and thus had a good amount in my toy fund. Then they had the May the 4th be with you sale on the lego website so this was 30 bucks cheaper than normal which is huge for a lego set and there was free stuff with orders too! This is a great lego set and Xander and I had fun building it.

I bought an Aayla Secura keychain with the Tantive IV and took the keychain part off so that I could add her to all my other lego minifigure jedis and the shadow ARF trooper came free with purchase. The Alien Conquest set in the middle I bought because I love the head piece on the alien guy.

TRU is up to wave 10 of their exclusive minimates and one of the best one was in this wave that I had to get from TRU.com because they suck at stocking these in their store (it was also a miracle that I got them online as the website blows too) This here is Omega Red which I know from the 90s cartoon. He came with a Wolverine but I didn't care about that guy so he is going in the new lot of minimates to trade or sell in the future.

The wave also includes more Age of Apocalypse characters. Here we have Morph and Nemesis who is a very beefy and cool minimate.

Then we have Blink and Sabretooth.

This month's MOTUC figure is from She-Ra and it is her nemesis Catra and you can read her bio below. Next month will be a really unique and cool figure. This month, although the figure still looks amazing and is super cool, was not my favorite.

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