Saturday, July 18, 2015

Game over man, game over!

New Star Wars Lego set is an updated shuttle Tydirium.  This is infinitely better than the one I got way back in the day.  Whoever comes up with these designs amazing.

The set came with two Endor rebel troopers, Han, Leia, and Chewbacca.  For getting the set from I got a free Winter Soldier minifigure. I also bought an exclusive Admiral Yularen minifigure too.  Still trying to get all those random guys to fill out my SW minifigure collection.

At this point this is the last classics figure that has a vintage counterpart that I am getting.  This is Sssqueeze.  His bio is below.  His arms are bendy and they remind me of an alligator toy I had when I was a kid.  

ReAction continues to make toys of old movies and even though the quality of these action figures are kind of lame the nostalgia of some can't be passed up. I assume that is what they are banking on.  So I had to pick up this Stripe figure.

TRU got some exlusive TMNT minimates so I snagged Anton Zeck who becomes Bebop and then Mutagen Donatello because ya know I have to have all versions of Donatello.

 They also got some Aliens minimates. These characters will be in the next wave but I couldn't pass them up when they are on the shelf now.  So here is Hudson who is my favorite character from that movie and then Vasquez.  Wave two will fill out most of the rest of the Colonial Marines and have a Newt so I am excited about that but not as much as I am about the deluxe queen and power loader set coming later this year.

This is Callix who is a member of the Horde from the MOTU 200x series.  I love the look of this figure so I had to snag him. There will still be more MOTU figures coming but they will likely be Filmation style or from the 200x series.  The figures are still amazing enough to pick up the great looking ones. Bio below.